Seattle's CHOP zone has 'now concluded' according to project's Twitter account


To a tweet. The Capitol Hill protest movement is officially over. Almost Brian Calvert reports. The tweet came from user chop official s A. But he tells us the area remains closed to traffic. That's because there are still people in the Capitol Hill organized protest song people like Angelica Because we're here. We could stay here as long as we want. Until the management rooks work security in the zone As far as right now, there's no inn for top. These people have pain. They have a message, and they have demands. And until those demands are met Wayne going nowhere yet it's clear people have left after hearing the official takeover has ended. This man lives nearby. This whole thing is over. And it needs to be cleaned up. The city has actually sent people in to try and not only de escalate things, but George those who remain to leave more than a dozen your buy. Businesses have filed a lawsuit against the city for how it's handled this, their attorney says. Quote our clients want public order. They want public safety. They want access to their streets and to the

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