Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Blackface & N-Word Sketches

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We are starting today with Jimmy. KIMMEL's all new controversy Jimmy has apologized after multiple impressions of black celebrities. He did years ago went viral. One includes audio of him using the N. Word Imitating Snoop Dogg on a track for a Christmas album in a statement Jimmy apologized for the delay in responding and said that he's sorry to quote those who were genuinely hurt or offended by makeup. He wore or words that he spoke. He adds that he's matured over the past twenty plus years, and won't be bullied now by those trying to silence him acting outrage to advance their oppressive and genuinely racist agendas. Canceled Kimmel was trending when this all broke. How do you guys feel about this? It's one of those things I mean excited. You guys on the phone earlier I'm I'm somebody to that is really i. mean depending on what the circumstances I'm really not for cancelling people especially canceling people based on their actions that they did twenty plus years ago I, also read Jimmy Kimmel's apology and I just felt like for the first time. Somebody really did a good job of explaining sort of where they were, and just their thought process. Do it during that whole time, and just he really took the stand up like look I was imitating. Just famous people in general and I wasn't looking at their skin color. Now on the flip side of that this was done twenty years ago. That still wasn't okay to do, but as he said you know, he's evolved over the twenty plus years. He's matured. It's something that I'm sure if he had to do was faced with the decision like that again tomorrow, he wouldn't do it but i. just think we need to be a little bit lenient with people, and and just not always resort to cancel culture. I think there should be a statue of limitations when it comes to people bringing up things because in kid. Tell me that the things that I said twenty years ago. You know we'll come back to haunt me and ruined my life now, but I will say before we start canceling. People I want to make people understand and I say this all the time. If I say something here on daily Pop, there are four people who watch this show to make sure it can go to air sometimes, even more than that, so somebody saw that joke. Somebody approved the sketch. Someone signed off on the budget to get hair and makeup to paint him from head to toe, so if one head will roll, you need to ask for four more. We yeah, we said that the other day. Yeah, and I think when people missed up. I think the initial reaction is like Why and there's you know there's disappointment? But if we canceled every single person who has had a mistake, we would be hypocrites because humans. We mess up their things that we aren't aware of during the time, and I'm not excusing the behavior, but I feel like sometimes if we aren't held accountable, that's when the poor behavior continues, but I think. If you own up to it, you take the time to reflect to step back and do the hard work, and you just you come back in it with just a better perspective and a promise to do better, and he backed that up with your actions. Then I can support that but yeah. I think it's. Called out mistakes and you repeatedly make those same mistakes. That's when it is unforgivable. You did say you said accountable. You said being accountable. I will say. I thought he was suspect Jimmy. Kimmel had announced that he was going away for the summer. My mind went to snap. What's about to come back? Had Jimmy lest his show and not brought this up after Jimmy. Fallon not only apologized for what he did, but sat with Don Lemon and talked about how it could be hurtful to people, if Jimmy Kimmel had just fled the scene, and not said anything. We cancel his ass and he did say that. That his summer was planned years prior, and he will have the summer breaks and that he's not coming back until September so I mean I. Don't know I think this was on his mind. Though Amiss everything that's been going on I feel like he did have some. You know some idea that this would surface i. don't think it's suspect I. do think he's vacation was planned. I mean we know what it takes to go on vacation here like. Requires some planning, but I also just think I want to say one last thing about cancel. Culture is the people that you know Ho- hop onto this Hashtag. Unfortunately are just people who wanNA. Cancel people for the sake of cancelling them. They're not even really focusing on on the reasons behind it, and that's why I'm so against

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