Federal support for free Dallas COVID-19 testing sites set to end June 30


Government announced they will be pulling funding for two testing sites in Dallas as of the end of the month but county leaders still hope they can work out a deal funding for to drive through testing sites one of the A. C. and the other at the Ellis Davis fieldhouse we pulled by the end of the month county judge clay Jenkins says they need to expand testing not shut it down in the face of this spiking coronavirus cases at parkland we have a machine that can test fifteen hundred Coba test day on a one to two day turnaround but we don't have the reagents the chemical to run that machine this is because the county can actually test faster he hopes the government will simply give them the reagents it takes to run the testing machines for covert nineteen the A. C. testing site will be moved to the campus of UT Dallas and Irving starting up next month

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