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Granada, GRANADA DOT And Spain discussed on When in Spain



You so much for your time. Today What an Absolute Fountain of knowledge you are about Granada. We could probably talk for another hour. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Paul say they have it. That was Martha. Thank you so much to You Martha. I was absolutely fascinated listening to you. What a wealth of information martyr has about home town Granada guys if in the future. You've got a trip planned to Granada and you would like an excellent guide martyr. Is your person at go and check her website out its bite. Granada DOT COM bite as in eating. Be IT BY GRANADA DOT com. Go and find on Instagram as well. You can see photos. And she's also on facebook all these links into the show and they'll be on the show notes page of the brand new one in Spain website as well so that will just about the for this episode. Thank you for listening. I hope you found the information useful. Guys what I would really love you to do is go and check out the new one in Spain website when in Spain podcast dot com and so with that Ali that look forward to speaking to you again next time and until then asked that away go..

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Granada, GRANADA DOT And Spain discussed on When in Spain

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