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Rays And Garza discussed on WIP Programming


Care for that Garza bills leading by a score of four to the rays have the vial of third base with one out and Barbara will be the battered financial pinch hitter yet so the police people open up with the air was going earlier he is still up and they're also getting Matson up the M. one real big bad off the off the bench left into the true left indicator that courses cliff Floyd then they have three switch hitters and two right handed batters for the bench it will be a date circled the fluid is noted William Willie I bars of switching one of the switches it was a swing of tampered shortstop isn't gonna get another run home Jimmy Rollins throws out Bartlett becoming in this score is the viral the Phillies lead is just the right now with two outs here in the seventies guys do get runners at third base with less than two outs you gotta give credit didn't wanna play the infield in there could you still had a two run lead in field in a little tougher to score that run sixty usually I barb mmhm they obviously when I barred about left handed because if they want to do that right handed they would have brought brought air into the game news the pitch to I. buyer to slow for a ball hi bars for three of those World Series we started the game the other night against Hamels please a little better right handed hitters takes it over for a strike one moment struck a good post season Miller is open for the world's over three of the World Series three thirty three overall they sit down on them the walls of the strike do I have R. I have a two one page is a low ball three three balls and a strike you know more of the top of your weights on back this guy they're ready for him I have a three one pitch hi Barbara Barbara is a log mmhm so the banner will be equal moral go for three Scott error prone to be coming into the game and he will Ms Charlie Manuel of another pitching change so where will come on the place you will more of so this gonna bowl berm is brought to you by geico fifteen minutes could save you fifty percent or more on car insurance visit us at geico dot com or call one eight hundred nine four seven a U. Teo Scott air is the new picture for the bills are gonna try to get out okay Norreys equal moral the runner first base and two outs will pause along the line for station identification this is the Phillies radio network where the water left in repairing his second World Series he also was in the World Series in two thousand two was San Francisco his first World Series appearance this year in the post season is appearing in his fourth game resort three eight six zero eight two thirds innings three hits one run one strikeout one walk he's in here for one batter Getty will Morgan Allison if not you're gonna see Matt's enough to come in here in the seventh inning even though they would rather just pitch the eighth if if at all possible so big hitter here for Scott air to get this guy out Newmar's over three is twice flied out and struck out stretches.

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Rays And Garza discussed on WIP Programming

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