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To make its social network more


Relevant for business the platform is called Facebook shops and it will allow any business to set up a virtual storefront on Facebook and on Instagram which Facebook owns the business can put its catalog online and take orders through a link to its own website or for companies in the US directly on Facebook's platform customers will be able to communicate with the retailer through whatsapp Instagram direct or messenger all of which are owned by Facebook and will eventually be able to make purchases directly through those messaging services to the shops are free for businesses to set up so how will Facebook make any money from this initiative CEO mark Zuckerberg says he thinks the improve commerce offerings would lead to increased advertising on Facebook which is the company's primary revenue source another feature will allow businesses to tag products in their face bookshop catalogs and then do a broadcast on Facebook live or Instagram live that will let customers purchase those items while watching if that sounds familiar that's because it's pretty much the home shopping network updated for the mobile H. inside business I'm Jeff golden for CBS news Chris Millar has the latest sports news from the W. B. J. smarts desk in ninety seconds if

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To make its social network more

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