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As the virus could still spread through a symptomatic carriers of <Speech_Female> it


On bill having people wear masks on the boardwalk having additional hand washing stations sanitizing station people going to the beach would be funneled through certain entrances to do crowd control and to make sure social distancing is happening you can use parks enforcement officers that you can use other city employees you could even potentially use young people could be ambassadors Johnson says transportation options need to be expanded as well as the MTA still wants only essential workers on the subway you could run express busses with certain capacity from different parts of the city council wants to work this out with the mayor Johnson says but at the same time we always reserve the right to use our legislative mandate Steve burns WCBS newsradio eighty eighty New York City schools chancellor Richard Carranza has decided to resume bias training remotely for all DOE employees say the controversial sessions are needed because of bias against Asian Americans following the pandemic but the deal he is now facing severe budget cuts DOT spokesman Nathaniel sire said the workshop is necessary now more than ever to protect Asian in Asia American new Yorkers last year by a training was focused on the black and Latino experience instead of using outside outside vendors the remote workshops will be by a twenty one member team through the office of equity and access some religious leaders in New Jersey want their churches to re open right now they are planning to sue if governor Murphy doesn't release guidelines for re opening the doctors are still warning about the dangers of covert spread across two collisions book a local pastor pastor Alec McCormick already has a plan set in place for how he will re open impact church in Burlington road all people can do it the shop writing do it we

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As the virus could still spread through a symptomatic carriers of <Speech_Female> it

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