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Senate And Petaluma discussed on Steve Thomson


It about a lot you will apply your close March to the Senate and Petaluma thanks in outside gave no indication of bonding there one ball no strikes a member panel and won the National League batting title at three nineteen the one follow by Ron Gant and then Dave justice is due up Lou and never hit three hundred before in his career the three nineteen won the batting title for two eighty six with the cardinals in eighty seven as marshals the first base Smith gets back but the some injures an ankle injury hundreds to assign a the only battle updated in the World Series sign in as a free agent in December last year there's a subject Morris and the one of the liberated battle in Texas right best known outside was gonna get the ball been going all up in a marked awfully analyzer Steve Bedrosian woman up first one of action we've had so far in the game Morris's walked one struck out six one in one out of Terry Pullen hitting three fifty seven the servers ten hits in twenty eight events two more months there is a sub by Morris well the first place Smith gets back Lonnie Smith wrote our first base thirty five years old he used to steal a lot of bases he stole sixty eight one year with the cardinals only nine this year with the Braves but he still runs pretty well that's a good way to first base Jack Morris Natalie set most of first then he gets back no one out here on the top of the eighth inning of a scoreless game one and one to Terry Pendleton now if you'll please respond with tell the twenty two homers during the regular season well you'll still plan to put a close to third base gave me about ten steps over toward second there's a sub by Morris and the patch panel and it's a high file drifting on a plate on the left wheel alignments one into one ball two strikes total number is stocky five nine about a hundred ninety five ounces thirty years old in the display big dividends for the world's the golden eighty six runs during the season the real good third baseman this is set up by Jack Morris four one two thirds swimming in the sea no hit the ground and is not ruled not a legal catch my Brian office of volleyball he did not touch it clearly saw panellists there's a line another rule no pets the ball was in the dirt hello definitely swung at an opportune up with the claim about Burnley real low pitch the third opponents wanted to the another shot at the time there news Mars now with a set Manafort's swung on a drive it out to deep left centerfield Gladden there's not gonna be able to go as a bounces off the plexiglass Lonnie Smith a checkup at second base he's going to be held at third on a double up sooner all.

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Senate And Petaluma discussed on Steve Thomson

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