How a Top NLP Startup is Growing, with Caitlyn Brooksby, Executive Director of PR/Communications at Canary Speech

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Pursuing right now. You should get a good patent lawyer and really think about it creative. How can create this novel? Kyrie TECHNOLOGY FOR YOURSELF. Because is something need progress? Really? Yeah and you were talking a little bit about of the work you all have done but can you share with us. Maybe some case studies or results. Your clients have had from working with you. Yeah saw one of her earliest. Were analyzing Paul Center data but we had millions of audio very large smer and we a double blind study and it was adamant able to have nine six percent accuracy rates for identifying Alzheimer's. So I was really exciting project and then most recently we have been stress freshen. Zion tiredness that area. Right and in fact many of our coming out that we are aligning. The voice in our analysis is a better when the doctors are no sis. And so we're in the ninety cents that as well and so we had just had with the exciting results of boys being greats option for you know scalable noninvasive auction for detecting so exciting ninety six percent. I mean that being able to do that with that. Alzheimer's one is pretty impressive. Now you're in charge of the PR and communications or this voice technology company. What are you looking for when it comes to new places or ways to market the brand and get new clients? Yeah so I've been having a lot of fun. Even Genta is debit lasts six months. I'm really people like how people who works cited posted -nology. That's why I love attending side. Bring voice enthusiast together right because we're able Q. Bond on this tack this boy sexy understand. What ways technology due to current technologies to current industries and so? I'm always looking right now as I looked to is where people that are interested in voice where they go now. You were sponsor of Voice Summit last year. Can you tell us what that was like for you? And in what ways voice summit and the voice community has helped canary engage. Yeah so that was actually. My first adventure extended ordinary speech. So I didn't really know what to expect. In the Horse Industry I come from Karen startups but I didn't know to expect in when we got a kiosk in Henry our CEO. He did you know podcast there. I was just on sleepword when how many people up in just so excited. Any generally watch know what he's doing and intern. I wanted to know where they work any. I must've made thirty like real connections that I still talk on quarterly basis from we were able to current clients that I also manage eighteen and we have great relationships. I just loved that. The event was created so that we could connect US people. We connect as waste on busiest and really come together and find out what we're Juninho each other and that's what it boils down to me. Can you talk a little bit more? About what specifically has been the impact on your business and market awareness being sponsor at boy summit so we have to cram science Out of that both in the clinical sunny we are pursuing graduates with them and they are both national and international so one of the clients that I was summit last year's taking us to country that we have not yet been is China so we are to be moving are healthy into mandarin in this month and so outside is that like it's moved us forward and some of the examples of the People. I met there. And Are you planning to participate at our voice global events in June and our voice? Twenty twenty summit this fall. Oh Yeah I would have missed because this June. We're GONNA be talking about how we expanded in. Ireland's we use Arlanda as a way to the year and so we're definitely be attending this John and in the hall your we're going to be there. I think it's really the best event that you could attend the urine the voice stream because people who come are did in voice check and in advancing away spray. Everyone will thank you. We definitely appreciate that. And I'm curious. Why do you sing? Sponsorship is important for brands to do in general. You have to be at the about where your money responser but west sponsorship is because besides being able to have your logo up or feed part of it but I feel especially Like more you're able to become part of that strategy of creating the environments for the attendees did events for five years or hostels is down and it's really important on the environment they treat for your tendencies and out of sponsor us say what you're saying. Hey you know we care about this week here about your experience and so I think it's really important to you're going to be really participating by becoming a sponsor your able to the Ofek for both you and your clients. Now you're saying earlier you kind of were in the healthcare space for a while. Neither specifically invoice within healthcare. Why do you personally love the voice tech space not cut in it for a while? I need it really boils down to three areas is the technology is the opportunity in the people so it just seemed what voice checks you for industries spend Expiry Disease Banat opportunity to be played out in real. Life is exciting and then the people that I've met are hashing it. They're not just strictly intelligent and I walk. Roman jewelers is exciting to come to work every day. I love that where can be balloon more about Canary Speech? If they have questions or they want to connect with you. While connect me on latent heat speed also the speech and or website is near speech dot com so yeah reach out was Yemeni questions. You just want connect above snacks. Perfect well thank you so much. Kaitlyn for sharing your insight. I'm so excited about what your company is doing. Congratulations all those patents and We appreciate you being a sponsor of voice summit and look forward to seeing you at our events again soon. Well I'm so excited. Thank you saw happy. Thank you for listening to the inside. Voice podcast. We greatly appreciate you being a part of our community. And if you enjoyed this episode or you like the Podcast we would love it if you would subscribe of follow share. Leave a review of the show. If you have any questions comments feedback people you want to see on the show things you WANNA learn. Feel free to send us an email at Carey. Motive DOT COM that's K. E. R. I ask M. D. E. V. DOT COM and be sure to check us out online at voice summit dot a i. Thank you and we look forward to chatting with you next week..

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