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Trump threatens to move Republican National Convention out of North Carolina


Isn't trump and the Republican Party are putting pressure on north Carolina's democratic governor to move ahead with plans to hold the party's convention in Charlotte this August NPR's Tamara Keith reports the president issued an ultimatum they get tweet president trump complains that governor Roy Cooper is still in a shut down mood and unable to guarantee that by August Republicans will be able to fully occupied the arena for their convention trump says that without such a guarantee organizers would have to look to another state and vice president Mike pence tells fox and friends we look forward to working with the governor Cooper getting a swift response and and if needs be if needs be moving out of the national convention to a state that that is farther along on re opening and and can say with confidence that that we can gather there he mentioned Texas Georgia and Florida as possible options the GOP spokeswoman says the party will need answers sooner rather than later Tamar Keith

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