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Back to the markets yes bitcoin. It has closed and we did close down five. Point one one percent we closed at a level Thousand six hundred and seven and we do look bearish right now. The market is coming off further already down nearly one percent in less than one minutes on Bitcoin. Rod that we definitely have a bit more downtrend implying. Now we've got to low high low along we could definitely say data pullback but he's big but is this something. We should be concerned about the answer for that in my view. Really's is not really is not and here's the reason why look we hadn't seen a decent pullback for what one two three four five six seven eight nine weeks wait just gone was the tenth wicket. Nice ten weeks. There was only one candidate. Showed any pullback and there's only down two percent so there was an awful lot an awful lot there whereby we just didn't say pullback. We didn't get that pullback momentum. Nothing actually happened. Now it's changed. Things have changed. We have seen that pullback. We have seen the having vent kit. I forget that the having event wasn't last week it was the week before. It's been very racist. It's not been a long time ago. And I forget that is very very race and so there is reason to believe that we might see a little bit of pullback and if you recall may going through it recently talking to you guys about You know what had happened during those pullbacks in the During the in the past you know we do have the option were can be a little bit messy full a little while we seem to be getting a bit of that was good trends loss way absolutely those great trades one of the best Us A shout outs. I believe could be. It could be ever from entry point on Tech's tether to where it is right now. Ninety six percent up now once up one hundred and forty percent under the instead of entering your stop but two point five percent. You're looking at about a fifty to one there. A massive massive massive moves so some humongous moves Was One of them. One of the ones managed to capture was Komodo their big profits to be had there as well. And I'm saying that my checklist watch moving away from the perpetual contracts at the mine because they are a bit messy. That's what it's been going back to the good old. Bitcoin trading against Bitcoin has been really has been. Where the Actions Bane I? It's it's been where that some with the momentum bannon the opportunity has been sitting of. You've got some NAS Transat. They wrought now going to be continuing to keep a very close eye on those. Let me come back to the top ten. Never for this puppy up in a way. We still want to talk to the wake leads because I want. I want to give you the perspective that I think is important for the week to come. We saw bitcoin down lost weight ten percent pretty much on the noise. We closed down at eight thousand seven hundred seven onto a theorem now e closed down loss. Only three point seven seven percent guys. Say BITCOIN's really struggling to get above ten thousand markets. It's being kept bought but it's not worrying too many of the other markets of a gun to exile pay now four point full six percent loss weight again. Nothing huge nothing out of control. Bitcoin cash it had a pretty decent down. Wake seven point six to eight percent but a again. Bitcoin was still the lodge of the sell offs between us. They was down three percent. That's for the whole week again. Many put on a lot of guys against Bitcoin. Lot going down three point seven six percent better return than bitcoin was down as well but it was only down five percent. Half of what Bitcoin was. Bonnets bonnets was down. It was down two point two percent cod Donna. Donna did it closed flat. Would down point one ovalles percent another market that was has been performing a heck of a lot better than Bitcoin of light? Assyrian classic as a matter if I had a massive rejection Kennel down one point. Three seven percent that remember become was down ten notre now it was down five point fos. There's nothing out there right now. That's performing across. The top. Ten is bad as well. Bitcoin is performing now because Bitcoin is being sitting rather saw for a while. Now now has started to fall a little bit better as you know the lot of yesterday's session being down five percent. It's everything about charity on the Alton. If you go ahead and have a look through my scan this morning with members and in March shots my now created heavily Out of bitcoin pairings are go through and scan the scan. The Alz Against Bay tastes saying what you'll see is that there are some opportunity starting pop up. It's very very good moves at the theater. Had a fantastic. Ron has been some big moves. So it's about understanding way you're going to be focusing your attention. It's also equally important to be sitting back and just waiting for me without the clarity on. Just happy to be a spectator demand. I am in no major rush to go out there and you know be too active because until conditions become perfect. Happy to be a

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