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Cannons Guns and Pirates


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I've your host kit chrome today. I'll take a look at pirates armory and their ships. I The ship larger ships the CAYENNES that are often portrayed in movies were desired. When foul weather would be encountered in for firepower but pirates were more likely to have smaller ships with just a couple of cannons. It didn't fare as well in a storm but they were faster and more maneuverable. N- earlier podcast. I talked about the wider captured by climate. Black Sam Bellamy. This is an example of pirate trading up from the twenty six gun Soltana to the wider hundred ten feet in length with a tonnage of three hundred tonnes at speeds up to thirteen knots. She was a gem during the golden age of piracy. Sixteen ninety to seventeen thirty hours little employment options for men women and children of low birth and that was most of the population. The idea of escaping hard physical Labor for the poor house many chose to go to see during the Golden Age. Three quarters of the English population live in a rural area and abject poverty but the English gave no quarter. They recruited no woman and a man or boy wasn't up to the task at hand or broke a rule that engage your entire crew. They could be killed hall. This was where the individual had a rope tied to one wrist and the other ad was given to a swimmer who had swim under the ship and climb up the other side. The crew would then pull the rope until the individual charged with the crime was pulled over the side and dragged back and forth against Barnacle covered Keel. Few survived rationed food was often contaminated and the only drink was accrued rum. An individual fleeing poverty in poor house was risking life and limb if they went to see most pirates ships carried smaller and fewer guns ended the largest ships like the wider a smaller cannon might way six hundred pounds and fire a two pound ball using three and a half pounds of powder that would travel a hundred feet on the other hand Cannon.

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