PS5 Games 'Soon' - What Is Sony's Next-Gen Lineup



We do have a lot to talk about actually this week even though again soon he will not give us specifics about the. Ps Five chances are the specifics will go live twenty minutes after we record but we did get a decent amount of information thankfully after the. Gosta of Sushi mistake play. Thanks to an interview. We were able to do here. Jan and we got a little bit of a teaser about the. Ps Five and games coming soon. We'll get to that in a second but if you are wondering why we're not going super in depth on the go sushi. Maceda play itself. It's because we recorded a second so last week so if you happen to catch that episode you're not subscribe to any of our feeds. Go check that out. Go subscribe go here all thoughts about that and we will have some of your thoughts later on in this episode. But I I did WANNA talk about. That nebulous announcement. That news is coming so we got word from Sony. The parent company Wide Sony. Ceo Saying that quote we will soon be announcing a strong lineup of PS five games. And that's pretty much it We don't have a date or any sort of window or how that will come about but we know that they are now saying. Sony will be announcing a slate of PS Games soon. And so that could mean first Party Games. It could mean exclusives multiplatform games. We don't really now but I don't know how you guys feel but being stuck like it's nice to hear that the top of the company is acknowledging the five but it still in this weird nebulous soon way right. Yeah I think I think our best bet is to jam together a whole bunch of third party and First Party announcements at the same time. I don't really see them coming out with like this gigantic lineup of First Party. Stuff announcements like that feels Well first of all you have to of their biggest studios are still shipping product in the next few months. Then you have you know what Santa Monica's it's GonNa Take Them I. I honestly don't think we're going to hear anything about a new four game for a while or whatever. They're working on And then you have like media molecule with dreams and stuff like that like there's a bunch of stuff that just happened and even you know a Sony. Bend like I feel like they're gonNA. I don't think that they're ready for any announcement. I mean we really just got. It wasn't too long ago we got days gone. It's still getting updated Like I have a feeling we're GONNA get a lot of sort of like. Here's the special edition five additions. Type stuff like there'll be a lot of like. Ps Four Games on steroids. There'll be a lot of like here's confirmed third party stuff. There'll be a lot of games as a service stuff that we expect launch already Someone else since we know someone else since we don't think the best idea for them is just jam as much information as possible. But I'm not really expecting a ton of big first party stuff right now. I think the The announcement that they plan on announcing things is sort of sort of infuriating. I I feel like we see this. A lot from CEO's Bob. I was always doing that. Whereas like yeah we got the damage show in the works or whatever and people are like what like blurt something out in earnings call. And it's like there's no. There's no podium Ryan show that I'm aware of I was thinking of Kassian Indoor but anyway I you know his stuff out. And it's like you're the head of the company if you want to announce some stuff maybe you know. Kick marketing the ASS and be like how do we? How do we raise brand awareness? And how do we get people excited about working on 'cause to sort of being like older? Han? It'll be ready in a minute as like a non announcement yet again. Yeah I would. I would take anything at this point. I think any any kind of teaser. I would take some Sicily logo reveals you know. Maybe we got. We got our first look at the playstation five in the form of a still image of an obvious logo and A A three two and a half pictures of controller. Like maybe maybe video of literally anything like we got that that sizzle like playstation studios or Sony Studios or whatever and it's like just just make something did make some mixim. Buzz make some higher. They just get us excited about literally just like any little thing. What you said about First Party Studios I think is is kind of a given I I mean I imagine they're probably GonNa Buddy up with with a few third parties and do some exclusive reveals and like you always say yeah just like for the love of God. Just give us anything just any anything. The first party be That both brought up is really interesting because I was looking back at it the last time. We got like really big proper far-reaching sort of announcements about first party games was twenty seventeen We got games like concrete. Genie was announced that era. Ghosts Sushi was announced that year. And then of course On the loss legacy and less partout were both announced twenty sixteen. Same We Got Spiderman and God of war at the same time. I believe Sony really put everything out there between two thousand sixteen in two thousand seventeen and so it has been years since most of their First Party. Stable safer of course. Mlb and stuff like that that we've seen anything from them new it really been sort of. Alec. The final three ish years of the cycle have been what I party has been working toward announced this weird quiet mystery of do they go next. I think that's good to a point like I've I've praise them for this. Because I think if you if you do a little info drop and be like. Hey it's a it's almost ready if you know announce a game three years in advance and then pop up every six months to be like check it out. Here's another trailer people just lose interest whereas if you if you don't have anything to say people don't have anything to look forward to. I totally agree with both of you. Guys I feel like in a normal era Like in a random ASI three year It's it's kind of a Faux Pas to just show a a logo for something that doesn't really exist yet or won't for a while but I think that at the dawn of the new console when you WanNa get people invested in this ecosystem for the next few years. That's sort of okay. It's still cheating and it's still kind of dirty but it is. I do think that it's yeah. You're going okay like if you if you get this thing in November. You're buying a new assistant will eventually deliver X Y Z Z and like to clarify record said earlier. We we we named a few studios their own like I didn't even scratch on INSOMNIAC or anything like that had nothing. I'm expecting them to deliver a launch game But I think that if they say hey were working on something that could happen in the next year year and a half or twenty twenty one. Then you know all right. I'm buying this thing in November and I'm GONNA kick around place in my favorite games on some games of his service. Third Party stuff But in twenty twenty one. I'm getting Spiderman than whatever

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