Robert Smith, Vista Equity Partners; PPP & Minority-Owned Businesses

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For businesses around the world today isn't a restart it's a rethink that's why they're partnering with. Ibm retailers are keeping their systems up as millions of orders move online. Paul centers are using IBM Watson to manage an influx of customer questions with a I and solutions built on the IBM cloud are helping doctors care for patients remotely today. We're rethinking how business moves forward. Let's put smart work visit. Ibm DOT com slash thing to learn more this squad pod? I'm CNBC producer. Katie Kramer Today on our podcast private equity giant and richest African American billionaire Robert Smith on getting loans to entrepreneurs or capital is be driven. Frankly into this small businesses hands in probably give them a little more flexibility in terms of hobbies and and how to leverage technology for digital future. But I think we should think about what are the most effective ways for us to educate our population to drive forward into you know into the teacher of opportunity plus when reopening is on the Menu Cameron Mitchell restaurants founder and CEO laid off thousands of workers. Now he's opening doors again. I think we're going to survive but it's GonNa be a while before we get the hospital. It's Monday may twenty Fifth Happy Memorial Day squad. Pat Begins Right now Robert. F Smith is the founder Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity which has fifty seven billion dollars in investment capital. Vista is the fifth largest enterprise software company in the world as well and overseas more than sixty portfolio companies that employ more than seventy thousand people around the world. Smith is also the first African American to sign the giving pledge and he was recently awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. He's on many lists as the wealthiest black American and lately. He's been working directly with the White House on the roll out of the paycheck protection program and how to get the loans in the hands of the most in need especially minority owned business. Pp was designed to rescue mainstream. According to the small business administration more than four million loans have been approved so far totaling more than five hundred billion dollars. Here's Andrew Ross Sorkin with billionaire businessman and Philanthropist Robert F Smith. You had worked with the White House on this program and so I just ask you to start by giving it a grade. Do you believe the money's getting where it needs to go. You know be first Tron of the P P P I think was challenge to get to the the small businesses small medium businesses a second charter for being a lot more effective But one of the things we discovered. Angela's US not discussed is that there is a frankly banking desert's in a lot of the communities about seventy percent of the African American community. Actually don't have a branch bank and so we've been working with a they treasury you know senator Sector MNUCHIN and Senator Schumer in Pelosi Dachsie work on building capacity and what I saw the capillary banking systems which are the community development financial institutions and a minority depository institutions building out the Pasadena to get these dollars into the hands of these small businesses which are essential to our communities so what are those capillary banks. Look like who you to right. If you are a small business owner this morning listening to you this morning. Where did you go go? Go to get that money then. So there's a bad a little over a thousand of these days. Cdfi's and the India is and these banks typically are in the communities there mainly in what we call targeted communities Unfortunately a lot of the larger banks don't bank those organizations those businesses any longer and is about ninety four percent or so of the African American businesses are so proprietorships and don't have banking relationships. And so what we've been doing is is enabling. Technically enabling got some wonderful teams have been ebeling these businesses they interface with the transit system at the and you can go to number places. There's national bankers dot org goes National Action Network. We've been worked black churches. Our Fair share A number of organizations that we've been working with to enable these banks to be able to processed loans and we just probably about ninety billion dollars or so left in the second of AP and I think it's essential if these small urban businesses African American Latin next businesses get Get their share This stimulus capitals of really frankly Repair some of the economic damage that this covert virus

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