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Jonathan Vaughters the is the CEO of EF cycling a professional cyclist


Version and the censored version will be on ESPN two to talk about Lance Armstrong it's our pleasure now to welcome in Jonathan Vaughters the is the CEO of EF cycling a professional cyclist he joins us here on ESPN radio Johnson thank you so much for giving us some time on this weekend I hope you and your family I have been safe I'm just tell us you know what was your relationship like with Lance Armstrong during your career the man that that's a complicated question I mean it you know I I yeah I mean I grew up with the guy partially like we we did the first race you ever did which is when I was fifteen and he was in bikers that is using traveling before that I was fifteen he was seventeen you know we were teammates for short while we were friends at a certain point we are not friends at other points kind of gone through various various stages John how much did lance mean the cycling based on the level of success he attained well you know I that badly injured in question you know there are there are other cyclists that one a lot more races than lance did but the difference was is that you know only from our perspective lance was one he was American and the big thing was that he was coming back from cancer and so you know where you have you have you have all the riders like any marks through the the Belgian rider from generation before lance who you know people would say yeah but any marks one a lot more races but any marks with never the international figure that lance was because his story was you know strictly a professional cycling story it wasn't a sort of worldwide iconic coming back from cancer achieving the impossible kind of story hi Jonathan you're obviously still very involved with the cycling community we're all looking forward to seeing what this documentary looks like as far as detailing the story of lance's career what would you say is the relationship between the cycling community right now and lance as it stands I mean honestly does not do the professional racing community there's just not a relationship I mean lance really hadn't been part of that world for almost a decade with the broader cycling community I mean of course a lot of his fans and expands and you I mean he's still you know a part of the history of American cycling a lot of people listening to this podcast a lot of people listen to the insight regarding the trip bronze and there are a lot of people that that really like that and there a lot of people that really resent the fact that even have has a platform to you know to talk about the tour France so yeah that's the again super complicated you know second audience as a whole really sort of let down the middle some people love it inside what he has to say other people don't think that he should not even be allowed to talk about it Jonathan Vaughters the C. E. O. of yep cycling is our guest on Dickerson and hood with a little laying on ESPN radio and ESPN app I assume Jonathan not having seen yet any advance screening of of lance I'm assuming a big chunk of it will be devoted to the performance enhancing drug aspect of that it'll work from your vantage point you know you don't what was the pressure like well

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Jonathan Vaughters the is the CEO of EF cycling a professional cyclist

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