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Fifties and it's gonna start warming up a little more we got low sixties to mid seventies expected tomorrow under mostly sunny skies at the coast into the upper seventies to low nineties inland Memorial Day will be sunny with highs in the mid sixties to low eighties at the beaches will see seventies and eighties around the bay and the middle eighties to the upper nineties for the inland areas that excessive heat watch will start Monday morning and continue through Thursday night for Tuesday and Wednesday look for highs to be in the low seventies to the middle eighties epic coastal C. mid seventies to low eighties around the bay and upper eighties to low one hundreds for some of the inland areas Thursday Hey it'll be in the sixties and seventies coast side Avisa to nineties around the bay and we'll see some nineties as well for the inland areas and then on Friday look for highs ranging from the sixty and seventies at the coast will see upper sixties to the low eighties for the inland areas and then on Saturday we've got the clouds of them things are cooling off quite a bit plus there is a slight chance of some showers for Saturday with highs staying in the sixties to the upper seventies around the bay area

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Your feet of an earlier hit

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