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Tom Foley some researchers


People by July other studies according to The Washington Post show a mixed picture with the policy lab at children's hospital of Philadelphia finding that other than a few trouble spots much of the country was in a good position to begin re opening White House recently announced that president Donald Trump and First Lady melania trump will be visiting Baltimore's fort McHenry national monument and historic shrine a shrine this Memorial Day Baltimore's mayor says he hopes the president will change his mind there Jack young says president trump's decision to pursue nonessential travel sends the wrong message in a statement he says I wish that the president as our nation's leader would set a positive example and not travel during the holiday weekend some

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Tom Foley some researchers

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But if you are headed to the polls tomorrow to vote

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A Saturday may the thirtieth

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But it inciting you know violence

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The suburbs heading down to the middle sixties tonight

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He spoke at Baltimore's fort McHenry in America we are the captains of our own fate

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You need dependable internet and endless entertainment <Speech_Music_Female>

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The World Health Organization suspends a study on a malaria drug being pitched by president trump

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AP news thank you for listening to the AP radio network <Speech_Music_Male>

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