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K. CBS news time seven forty eight for traffic let's get back to the traffic center now you still have to add a couple hot spots we start again now but earlier injury crash is still clearing up south bound one twenty wide just before highway one twenty eight involving two vehicles the roadway is still blocked that we do have some slowdowns in the area also Woodside hi this is eighty four la Honda road right near skyline Boulevard a car reportedly going over the side we have the roadway partially blocked by emergency crews we do find very heavy traffic on eighty four well some good news in redwood city that earlier accident which had the Whipple on rapid south wanna one shut down for well over an hour has cleared although we still find some delays on south wanna one from about Holly street in San Carlos San Jose north eighty seven at airport parkway actually on the off ramp we have reports of a tree down in the right lane and a reminder of freeway closure in Oakland tonight north eight eighty will be shut down at nine eighty traffic will be diverted off the nine eighty and that the road work begins at nine o'clock tonight your next update at seven fifty eight on the traffic leader KCBS and R. sixty forecast we've got some clear skies tonight lows in the upper forties to the middle fifties

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