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What a pompous question you're


Pompous question you're an attorney and the press secretary so therefore we set you're referring to the Obama administration and in the end masking and present because of all the games what is it what are the elements of that crime yeah I'm I'm really glad you asked because there hasn't been a lot of journalistic curiosity on this front and I'm very glad that you asked this question because it snows the shot right there there has been a lot of journalistic curiosity on this front suite I'm lucky there were a number of questions raised by the actions of the Obama administration the steel dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee that opposition political party to the president was used to obtain FISA warrants to listen in on conversations of people within the trump campaign there is the unmasking the identity of Michael Flynn and we know that it is January fifth meeting in the oval office with president Obama Sally Yates from the department of justice learn about the unmasking not from the department of justice or for the F. B. I. she learned about it from president Obama and was stunned and could barely process what she was hearing at the time because she was done on his knowledge of that we know that there was a lot of wrongdoing in the case of Michael Flynn the F. B. I. notes for instance that said so we could get him to lie as they pontificate at their strategy we know that the identity of this three decades general was leaked to the press a criminal leaks to the press of his identity in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights

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