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Trump-appointed US attorney in Texas abruptly resigns


The help wanted shingle is out for the top prosecutor's position in the Eastern district of Texas early is L. P. Phillips is live with more on that story LP and the surprise resignation of East Texas U. S. attorney Joseph brown was announced this morning is it taking effect on may thirty first no reason has been given for the resignation brown was appointed by president trump back in two thousand eighteen he is a former district attorney in Grayson county he has been a major player in carrying out the us stop opioid abuse initiative by president trump and was last seen publicly when they arrested and extradited to Guam I Guatemalan mayor who is charged with drug trafficking he was extradited back to the United States for both drug and money laundering charges the L. poncho error el Pago his name is Eric Salvador Rodriguez was indicted back in June of two thousand eighteen that was under brown's office oversight again no reason given why he is resigning and no replacement has

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