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#158 Justice League Dark: Apokolips War


The world alone we brought in our are descended from the House of L. Biller thanks thanks. Have Young guys. Hey Ray how's it going man? Con Good ranks agree with that. That's what I meant to say. It's early on. He was on the other side down at the last miles. Like wait a minute. We have connor with this and raise is not with us. I miss you guys both so my brain just went to push. I'm thinking about coffee and maybe it will help right right. Unfortunately I believe wouldn't really had time to watch enough. Maybe the catch up to apocalypse or as I'm sure he would have walked so come on over the last few weeks. We actually did a planned. Rewatch that way. We catch up rewatch all of the movies. Since flashpoint we've got two episodes It's split up into two parts because it was a long episode discussing all of the continuity films before this. Yeah yeah styles telling tall like the wisdom before but I don't really have time because I'm not I listened. I drive and I'm just obviously not driving side boys doing stuff at Harvard. Yeah I've actually. I've said all the movies in this universe except for The suicide scored one and the ones woman want anyone's I haven't seen so well as it goes The suicide squad one has more ties to this film than wonder woman one does. Yeah we only being in the only biggest thing is the wonder woman one. She ends in her rebirth costume. Which she has been of movie starts. Yeah which yeah. That's that's the biggest thing and you know the thing is this movie. Can you can watch it without all those other films but to really get some the emotional beat some of the story line pay off some of the things it really helps to have seen all those films definitely. Now I do discussion about this with the Caperton Lunatics and one thing I want to bring up and I have in my notes as little saying that she found out and sometimes learn stuff and I just don't ask questions because she has her means that there was other material being in production or was done for stories in this universe that was they may or may not release so seems like maybe. This film was moved up in production. Okay because if you look at you know the last two entries into the.

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