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Was some very important news yesterday. Out of the University of Michigan where the President Dr Mark Schuessel? Who has an immunologist by training? Not The most common thing you see for a president a State University made a lot of news by tapping down some of the positivie about college football talking about how there would be no college football unless students were on campus. He referred to his training as a medical doctor. Phd In relation to doubting seriously that there could be college football fans in the stadiums and they also broke down the importance of college football but in the context of the University of Michigan overall. Dowse a little water on that as well saying that the university stand on its own. This comes in some contrast to what Jim told us last week on on get up when he said he would be okay with football. As long as he didn't he said he would. He would prefer fans but it would be okay without fans who better to talk to you than Giannis. Bacon was written callous books on the University of Michigan and certainly among the very leading experts in the world the on that subject John. Thank you Happy Memorial Day and first of all great to have you on with us and we hope you've been safe and well over these last couple of months Always a pleasure Paul and so far so good. The only we need is forty hours of daycare for weeks. My four and a half year old kid if you've got a babysitter send them up For All you've done for us I'll I'll give you some good recommendations Thank you. Let's talk about the this. I thought was a really fascinating comment first of all. Let's talk about President Schnitzel in terms of who is he what his credentials are then. They're incredible but have someone like that. Move into the presidency at school at the University of Michigan. Well his background is Brown University And California cal Berkeley so the pedigree and all that he's got a PhD in some former science probably immunology say as well as an MD. So you couldn't call them stupid He's probably also not the biggest football fan in the world. I think he probably loves the Brown model. Where you play. But it's not Nearly the importance as it is in the big ten or the SEC and so on But also knows where he is that Hundred Thousand People Disagree and they love it quite a bit so he is definitely on a high wire there But clearly his roles immunologist took over in his latest. Talk as you said if you days ago and I guess yesterday sorry And Yeah you say is very clear about this that if all the students aren't on campus. We're not going to have intercollegiate sports of any sort at least at Michigan which is not to say the big ten goes along with that or the rest of college athletics. But it's pretty hard back back down from that once you've said that and as you pointed out Paul that goes counter to what Jim Harbaugh said a few days earlier that he'll take football and almost any form Fans in the stands or not. Some graduated schedule some sort of Not Black or white but Modified approach would be fine with Jim. Which I'm sure is almost all major college football coach so I see a conflict there and I'm pretty sure I know who's going to win it. Yeah I mean there may be some school football coaches that have the clout to go head to head with the president. I doubt Jim Harbaugh wants to do that. Unless it's twenty minutes after beating. Ohio state I I I WANNA ask you. I WanNa ask you about about his comments about the budget. You know the school inside and now obviously I mean. I don't want to translate for him but he seemed to be saying that you know we we would this football but we're going on with or without it. Yeah and Miskin can right now Now the catch that is not all the big ten can goes out football Sunday. The MAC you can't. I mean look at Eastern Michigan Kent State places like that Miami of Ohio so the separation between haves and have-nots stronger not weaker. Now its biggest. Cost Ball is of course nationwide and gets all the attention at Michigan. The budget for the entire Athletic Department is around one hundred and eighty five million dollars which is almost doubled in ten years which says something right there and yet the budget for the whole university assist seven billion with a B. dollars so and half of that as a medical school on the health system so the football budget is big. It might beat us That's what they spend on rubber gloves at the hospital. So it's not that big a deal to the president. John you have a pretty good pulse on the The Michigan Fan base. I asked gently what has been the reaction about what the president said yesterday. Some folks feel yeah. Maybe there's mixed generous maybe it is It is going to be hard to argue though without students on campus having football. You're talking about exploiting the students who are in your student athletes who are not paid etc. I was become a hot button. Issue the last few years as it always should be I think That becomes greater when you're perhaps risking their health When you're not risking the other students health To play football. So that's one point of view. The flip side of course is that stadium is both the hold one hundred ten thousand people and if not for nothing of course so obviously people wanNA play football In any way she performed they possibly can Go Back Paul and nineteen eighteen when Michigan played the first game during the pandemic early October. And it flared up nationwide thereafter so they did not play again until November The team went five that your politics and on the big ten which counts as big ten champs and yes five Cowan as national champs. If only if only we're talking to John Bacon The New York Times bestselling author. He's written countless books on the University of Michigan. I WanNa take a break here because there are many issues beyond what the Michigan President feels. Although his comments probably going to be heard pretty loudly and other ivory towers around the country. I WanNa talk to John when we come back about what college football faces in trying to open up more comments from the esteemed author John U

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