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The Artist's Way with Julia Cameron


I am creating the show online the links to Julie and the book will be in the show notes but without any further ado. It is my pleasure to welcome. Julia. Cameron onto the gun show Julia Cameron thank you so much for joining me on the PO. Cost very welcome. It's so wonderful speak to you. I think I you. You wrote this book the artist's way and it's one of many books that you have written and it is something that has come up time again time and time again so many people say it changed my life sentence but the like but it changed first and foremost was yours yes. I found myself writing down the lessons that I had learned on. And you'd writing them down. They became more clear to me and I taught the artist's way for ten years before I formerly made it into a book and this was something. We'll talk obviously about what the artist's way is but this was just the practice that came to you as something that you used as what we would talk about. Nowadays I guess is my own structure my own self help techniques it was just your own way of maximising your creativity and potential yes. It was a book of lessons. I had learned to stay on black myself and what I did was teach people what I had tried for morning. Pages to artists states onto many different techniques that I used in order to stay unblocked as an artist myself. I was first and foremost an artist. Am I bought something? That's pretty interesting to me because when we're talking about unlocking creativity that might some people listening to this. Podcast might be thinking. Well hang on a minute. I'm an accountant or where I work in law and I'm not going to give all that up after doing twelve week program in order to become a painter. But that's not what it's about is it. No I think it's possible to say everyone is creative on and the tools their creativity but they may stay an accountant or stay. Aligarh on an find themselves exploring their creativity as a meaningful sideline. And you've talked as well about a pursuits of creativity. I don't know if the right word but unlocking your credit creativity is also a key to on looking your spirituality. Yes I signed that. If you work on your creativity your spirituality increases. I ended up. You work on your spirituality. Your creativity increases so. I see them as interlocked on an both working together. So let's talk about the book itself because it a twelve week cools so to speak and what I find so interesting is that each chapter is cooled recovering so chop one recovering a sense of safety covering a sense of identity and self help and so we're struck me bats. We all being guided by the books or the Gurus or the people that we admire that we follow onto the path and external discovery of our creativity or who we really are but with the artist's way it really struck me that it's it's some it's an internal janning. Yes very much. An internal journey on an people working the artist's way find themselves waking up to themselves. I often say if you do these tools. You're going to follow up with yourself. And sometimes people say oh. I don't WanNa for myself that sounds too mushy. A nice know it snapped. Mushy is very grounded ground. Why how important is it to fall in love with yourself to yourself? Well I I think that people need to feel a sense of benevolence. Go on that. Often we come to the artist's way because we feel the world is sort of hostile place. I ended the odds are stacked against us on. Cnn research to work with the tools. What we find out is oh. The world is actually benevolent. It's on my side. This is tremendous so it's exciting for people to begin the half a grounded feeling of self worth and a feeling of self worth. Is that something you've been doing this for a long time? Artist's way was originally published in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and you must have seen because as well as people reading the book and having that own experience that you talk people face to face and you you must've seen and felt these incredible transformations where people who are applying these wolves. Yes I sometimes say. It's a little bit like watching a Garden Grove on. I go out to teach. I scattered the seeds of the flowers of creativity. They begin to sprout on and people. We you know the turban light meant comes to mind on and what I see from. The front of the classroom is a great lightening up of faces and a great lightening up a body language. On a as people begin to feel a sense of hope. Hope is not a hype is such a especially now where things are obviously very different from anything we've ever experienced before hope is a recurring fame. Is it not yes absolutely? I think that the tools of the artist's way are actually very well suited to suspend demonic on that people have enforced solitude right now. I ended enforced introspection on the tools of the artist's way sort of lead them in channel on into a more productive for for themselves. They come.

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The Artist's Way with Julia Cameron

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