How Rolling Stones Suzy Exposito Made History with Her Bad Bunny Cover Story



I feel like I am constantly pitching celebrities and publicists. So let me ask you before we even get into the making of this. How were you able to score and interview with Bad Bunny? Luckily I had interviewed him before I interviewed him at the Latin grammys in two thousand eighteen. And I seem to have caught him at a time where he was definitely. You know making it big in the Latin space but had just you know started to crack the anglophone market and I went to the Latin grammys and figured what this is where I'm going to find him. Generally bad bunny is a bit of an elusive chanteuse. So he to quote Mariah Carey He doesn't like doing very many interviews and at the time I got like maybe fifteen twenty minutes with him honestly. He's just such a freak. I love it. I feel like Latin music has been sorely lacking in legit freaks. And I'm someone who had described myself as a freak by that. I mean people who are not afraid to try new things people who aren't afraid of like breaking ground who aren't afraid of experimenting whether it's like you know like bad bunny. I think it's in both his style like personal style and also in his music and in the ideas that he shares so I kept in touch. With the publicist. Sue Haley. Sola in I told her I was like I really want him on the cover of rolling stone and she was like okay. Let me know how we can make that happen was like well? Let me know the next time. He's putting out an album and we'll start to work on it. I think lake just every time they would talk about the cover. I be like I think bunnies GonNa do something really big soon. We should be ready for it. there's also the Jaylo insecure a super bowl coming up. I didn't know he was going to be performing with them but I suspected because he did that song with Jaylo before He might be one of their surprise guests. And then he appeared. Soi in Swarovski crystals in so I went back to my bosses and I was like look this dude. He's blowing up like he performed for the biggest most mainstream television audience in the United States at this point like come on and they were like. Okay let's talk about it so I talked to sue Haley and I was like I think we need to make an impression and she was like okay. He's going to be on fallon. Why don't we stop by your office? I was like stop by the office. Bring a few of the songs I'm going to invite my editors and then they can hear the music and like chat with him a little bit and so he came to the office and I only invited like maybe six or seven people and within like two songs. The office just filled up with people. Once they realized bad bunny was in. The office went from like ten people to like fifty sixty people crowded into the conference room. Just like listening to his music. He played a few songs and people were super stoked. I mean the energy in the room was just like so. It was just like dynamite. You know like people were dancing. Kinda grooving with it editors for like are a we can. We can see the appeal and he's so charismatic even for people like who don't speak Spanish. He's his charisma. Just like shines through. They were like all right. Let's do a cover like that's how it happened. How did Gabriela Bailing Gary Get to shoot the cover? Oh it was. It was an idea our creative director had. We couldn't fly anybody there. So Katrina was like. Why don't we ask bad? Bunny if there's anyone like within close proximity to him who might be able to take some nice photos and like she'd already taken photos for him a lot of the photos that you saw in his instagram. I mean over the past three years. She's taken those photos. They've been dating for three years and he hadn't gone public with her and I didn't go into this in the story. A lot of people they say nasty things about people's partners especially because she's a civilian. She is not involved in any of this. She's not a celebrity and so he kind of wanted to protect her. But of course in quarantine. It became apparent that he had someone there with him. And who better to photograph him than the Woman? Who's been secretly photographing him this entire time. At least like his assent in so she took amazing photos. She really did and she did it with an iphone which. I love did it. Add an element then to also be able to have the first let the Anna shoot a cover for ruling. Yes absolutely I mean. I think I'm going to get in trouble for saying this. Because it's it's a fact like most of the people who shoot covers and it's not just at rolling stone but it's across the board in print journalism. Most of them are men. I think it's amazing in a way like how this worked out. At first we were so scared we were like. Oh my God. Are we going to make this happen? Are we GONNA have to shoot this cover over zoom like what take I just really love? The gabby like agreed to do this and she knocked it out of a park. I'm like really proud of her. And Benito's really proud of her to. I told him in an interview I was like. Did you know that your girlfriend is going to be the source To cover? He was like he's like. Wow he was so proud of her and he didn't take any credit for it at all. It's not like he was like Oh yes. She could only do it because he was like. She is talented and like He. He wants people to see that he was just like thrilled to kind of like push her into the spotlight

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