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Don't say that lightly okay I'm not trying to be mean to you but you your racists and this year you're gonna it's going to be bad for you why I don't know how I can explain it okay fine I'll explain it to you from all areas said so that's why well there is is just cooked up a new way to shut you up about the corona virus also known as the Wuhan virus the front runner begging to be the woman chosen to be the V. P. because member we're going to be sexist in our choices and this is chat women up from the sexual abuse assault charges against Joe Biden by saying no men are allowed to be in my V. P. only women that sexism of just let's just be honest it is also pandering I it's also pathetic that we're we're really saying no men are allowed to be the vice president it's America because you got to have a bunch of women not yelling at you for your sexual assault allegations against you senator Kamala Harris I like that person come Molla has introduced legislation that would equate the term you ready for this we use it I yeah I try to give my best Donald Trump here Chinese virus I would now be considered hate speech her legislation would also call on government officials everywhere to denounce the use of the Chinese virus apparently not only that term the use of the terms Chinese virus but also Wuhan virus and the Kong through court is inaccurate rhetoric perpetrating anti Asian stick mock that is your leading vice presidential candidate right now there's been a reported rise in violent crime against Asian Americans since Chinese virus at the U. S. but there have been few official hate crimes our crime statistics that would confirm that only anecdotal evidence if you want to actually get down to it now no doubt there are people in this country right now that are anti Chinese goods I would argue not he Paul China has angered a lot of American workers and their trade practices and that they're stealing of our copyrighted like everything in trade secrets in trying to blame the United States by the way for the corona virus pandemic when the Chinese government actually said that the U. S. military brought this to China don't forget that does that mean that I am a racist because I don't like communist China how is it raises for me to call it the Wuhan virus when it actually started and we want how is it raises that I call the Chinese virus when it actually came from China this is what come out here I think it's important right now not helping the thirty plus million Americans are unemployed not protecting Americans at from from having jobs taken away by legal immigrants not giving money to illegal immigrants which Democrats are now in favor of giving them an actual bailout package your tax dollars and laying off frontline workers and and first responders in California while giving out hundreds of millions of dollars in five and our checks to illegal immigrants none I don't know what she's working on right now is making sure that you are a racist if you call the corona virus to Chinese virus at the Wuhan virus and that major races just like Mister producer sorry I'm turning on the bus you've called the will hunt virus you can't live your racist Camilla here said so can't use facts here to actually talk about it coming from there well let's talk about this China new and and I I'm not a conspiracy theorist okay so I don't think that China deliberately infected the world like at night trying to you know bomb us with the disease what I do believe and before you freak out and yell at me for what I just said here what the rest of the sentence of the paragraph I should say what I do believe is that China and we Hein were really stupid and all of a sudden this thing got out and what China did was exactly what time is trying to always does they protect the image of the country instead of actually protecting the people of their own country they also I think realized how bad this was going to be because they were saying it early on instead of shutting down their borders and them suffering the economic downturn which they have suffered in China they said basically well if we are going to be a week China if we're gonna have a weak economy if this is going to decimate heights then so be it for the rest the world to get it so we'll all be equal because that would make sense when you're dealing with a communist when it went with it with it with the communist Chinese government I don't think that they initially set out to hurt anybody I think they were stupid made a mistake and this thing got out to their people when they realize what it was going to do to them and they said well if we're going to go down and the rest the world is going to go down with us and that's why they didn't tell the truth that's why they didn't shut down travel that's why they did not quarantine their country they knew it was going to have a massive impact in a negative way on their economy in on their country and they said we cannot be we can while others stay powerful white United States at three percent employment so if we're going to be we can everybody else is going to be we can chew that's my opinion but when they start saying that the U. S. government poison them and brought with you know the corona virus to their country with all due respect to take come all that you need you can go to hell I'll say whatever I want to say with on virus with with with the Kong flu with a Chinese virus I'm not I'm not I mean it's it what did she account and it was seriously is she being paid off by I mean is China it's either a spokesperson now in our government acting the the the the image of the communist Chinese government whose team are you one woman whose side are you on here do you I mean you're you're literally spending time defending a nation that infected the rest the world by by logging to the rest of world and knowing they had a problem and deliberately doing everything the opposite of what you would do to try to protect innocent life and then some people they've killed almost one hundred thousand Americans this marked down as been disaster for the entire country it is decimated small businesses people it would take them decades to recover from this and your spending time writing and legislation demanding that no one say what this says eight Chinese will on it Kong flu virus that's nothing but Chinese propaganda that's nothing but communist propaganda I would argue this is communist propaganda plain and simple communist propaganda call me old school am I wrong is this not communist propaganda is she not advocating being a American government official protecting and defending the communist regime by saying that in America I'm not allowed to say Chinese virus and then set it right and let me also just to explain you fear here okay full disclosure you never heard me fill in for the great one let me just say this I own a gun store no I'm not the devil I do I own a gun store are we do permits carry classes there were two things that happened when this coronavirus happened we saw a significant rise in people coming and they were of Asian descent Asian Americans that were generally afraid that they were going to be targeted and we have not seen that with actual evidence thank goodness and we did everything we could to help them protect them educate them because they're Americans the idea that there's a bunch of hatred towards Asian Americans in this country is just not been accurate we've not seen it the American people are smart and they understand that the communist Chinese were government is to blame for this not Americans that have to be of Chinese descent and this idea and I mean all you're doing is you're you're you're literally just doing PR for the communist regime that's what come all I hear is is doing she is literally doing a PR campaign on their behalf saying in America I want to make mandate that no one is allowed to say this I'll say it all day long as much as I want to do it whose team are you on are you working for the Chinese communists are you working for the American people because based on what I'm reading right now you're clearly working for the Chinese communist government and not for the American people you shouldn't have time to work on this you have Americans right now that are hurting you have Americans any juror the help you're supposed to be this big leader in the Democratic Party you're supposed to be helping the American people and this is what you're doing right now demanding that I don't say Chinese virus or Wuhan virus I'll say it as much as I want because you're an idiot I feel better now and by the way miss reduce I'm sorry you're so racist I'm not saying that homologous one eight seven seven three eight one thirty eight eleven one eight seven seven three eight one thirty eight eleven Ben Ferguson filling in for the great will be right back.

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