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Susanna Palmer And Bloomberg discussed on Masters in Business


Open at twenty five percent capacity if a certain certain guidelines are met well the decision comes after the state reported a record number of coronavirus cases I never and I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg news room governor Andrew Cuomo repeated during today's press briefing on the corona virus outbreak in New York state that we opening depends on the numbers not the politics the death count from the virus is eighty four in New York over the past twenty four hours I want people to know where we are with these criteria and that's why they're on the website and I encourage people to go look at them every day they are controlling what's happening this is all a function of what people do this is nothing to do with the government nothing to do with anything out hello announced that the mid Hudson region would reopen Tuesday after enough contact tracers had been trained over the weekend and Long Island could possibly reopen on Wednesday Dow Jones reports president trump is considering establishing a panel to review complaints of anti conservative bias on social media this in a move that would likely drop pushback from technology companies and others Venezuelan state media says the first of five Iranian vessels bringing millions of barrels of gasoline to fuel starved Venezuela is set to arrive today the shipments market rants latest round of help for Nicolas Maduro's regime Venezuela home to the world's largest oil reserves is nearly out of gasoline following years of mismanagement and U. S. sanctions on its oil Donald's is estimating that tens of millions of dollars will be needed to help its US franchisees the story on that from Bloomberg's Charlie palette it is also warning that some distressed franchisees may need to downsize or sell off locations according to documents and internal emails viewed by Bloomberg news the company is earmarked about forty million dollars in aid for restaurant owners that are in crisis following the covert nineteen lockdown the fast food chain has nearly fourteen thousand U. S. locations ninety five percent of which are franchised global news twenty four hours a day on air and on QuickTake by Bloomberg powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Susanna Palmer this is Bloomberg I'm very results you're listening to masters in business on Bloomberg radio my special guest this week is Jon Taffer he created the NFL Sunday ticket as well as several shows on TV including bar rescue and marriage rescue he is the author of several books on restaurant and bar management you had a role in the creation of NFL's Sunday ticket tell us how that came about that's a heck of a story back years ago I had one sports bar operator of the year in America and I also had a consulting practice and we consulted to not only people in the industry but products looking to break into the industry I got a phone call one day from company called Tom sat and concept is based in Maryland they have a huge field abruptly dishes and they manage most of the satellites in space including government satellites to accept their satellite management company and they manage to signal coming up the signals coming down so at the time this is the mid nineties they manage things like pay per view cinema public tells went through their satellites and most entertainment channels that they came to me and said John we would like your company to do a feasibility study on out of market sports programming concept being that you sitting in New York Barry could watch a Dallas Cowboys game you could get that signal on your home TV so they asked my company to assess what could we charge for it would bars wanna buy it what would be the fee structure what support do they need to be able to sell it to their customers and promoted etcetera so they retained us to do the city's ability study so we we did a feasibility study we identified huge market potential for this type of product they paid us dearly for that work and then they came back with a couple weeks later and said John we really like this tell us what the product would look like so then we did the second phase of work we started designing what Sunday ticket would look like and while we were doing that work Barry something happened technologically called compression and compression she change the satellite industry we're now I could receive multiple signals on multiple transponders off one dash prior to that you might remember Barry to watch seven football games once the bar had a had a half acre field behind it with those big satellite dishes became sort of cost prohibitive compression was created that second document we then created the premise of Sunday ticket you can watch seven or eight games at the same time what's one satellite system the technology work and then we started putting together the ad slicks the promo manuals marketing Booker promotion book for the bar you put it all together and then we deliver that the concept concept then came back a third time it said this is great now give us a marketing universe John who the heck could we sell this to so we put together another document filled with the Friday is in Batemans ribs and Applebee's of all of those brands in their corporate offices in all their contacts in essence a target market book and gave them that made this very well for each one of these that then took my three pieces of work brought it to the NFL to license the signal the NFL read the three password documents and said you know this is really good let's do it ourselves they put me on a board of NFL enterprises and send the ticket came today well that's quite astonishing so how does that then get parlayed into bar rescue well it really didn't set some backed by paramount story so I leave paramount they put together my sizzle reel I wrote it up senator for production companies and for production company sent me for walkers I couldn't believe it these guys all background with the NFL they they saw the past success obviously not really honestly all they did was look at me on TV sure they cared about my background a little bit but you know I learned on television that you know a lot of television chefs can cook a dinner they can cook one place the TV that they can't run a kitchen there's a big difference between a hospitality space between TV hospitality people operations hospitality people huge difference and I were in that bar rescue so they did not care as long as I could create a good TV show they knew I had a background in it so they know I was a quote expert but didn't put much effort into learning my background hospitality business they were more interested in what I could do on camera create a sizzle sizzle reel and the network picked it up in four days the show launched he'll get a kick out of this first season was ten episode second season was ten third episode was season was forty episodes season was fifty episodes in one year and it takes a week to make one so you can imagine the amount of work that year but you know bar rescue successful I think for one main reason and one reason alone it's real I never met these people before I get a sixty second briefing before the show starts Barry that set I've never been in the bar before a bar rescue S. because people know real not fake and I don't know anything about these people with a bar when I find out the audience finds out at the same time so I've worked very very hard to keep the show authentic sometimes I'm on that odd with the network to do so is it on the television business they want to know what you're getting before they write a check and bar rescue you're not gonna know what you're getting to left your right to check it just doesn't work that way myself you have to trust me so it took some time now of course you have the level of trust with the network's been never have network executives on show the network really has very little to do with what we produce we do it all ourselves to review the show to the network and we operate very autonomously at the network which enhances the reality of the shop coming up we continue our conversation with Jon Taffer discussing the.

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Susanna Palmer And Bloomberg discussed on Masters in Business

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