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I'm prisoner. Cain publisher of university with me as always as Dr Pamela Gay, a senior scientist for the planetary. Science Institute and the Director of Quest. How you doing. I'm doing well. How are you doing this fine night before summer? Solstice I know it's. I've got to say we've been doing the virtual star parties, even having to go later and later and later we have start at nine o'clock. It's going to be nice that that the that nighttime comes earlier now. We'll talk a bit about this next week a bit about about. The things we've able to see in the in the nice warm summer, nighttime sky in the Northern Hemisphere. But as you probably know, this is going to be our our penultimate episode for season. Would we bath beforehand? What did we say season fourteen? We think it seems to work we. We think we're on season fourteen of astronomy cast. So we start up again in September. Typically we used to start with whatever interview Pamela would do at Dragon Con, but I don't think that's going to be happening this year. Not so much so much, so we will, but yeah, we will be picking up again in two months so this episode next week's episode, and then we start back up. But one I just want to promote. If you haven't already is, you should sign up to my weekly email newsletter. That I write every week. In fact, I'm in the midst of writing it right now. I send it out on Friday, mornings. And it is. Got Twelve to twenty stories in it links to dozens of other interesting stories. Great Pictures Astro photography. It is a one stop shop for every piece of Space News. That's happened this week that I. Find Interesting, so you should go to universe today. Dot Com slash newsletter to sign up. It's totally free. There's no ads. It's just. Fraser's. musings on what's happening in space and astronomy. It's awesome you wanted. And when he calls into this letter, he's lying. It's more like a magazine. It's amazing a lot. It's a novella. Each one is about yeah. I'd probably say it's about fifteen thousand words that I. write once a week, yeah! That right. No, not that many words five thousand, probably five thousand words alright. As amateur astronomers, we curse the moon every month. seriously. Why doesn't someone get rid of that thing? This week something occurred to us. What if we actually pointed telescopes at the Boone? What would we see? Yeah, we I hate them. Does Because half of the month for goodly portions. You, look up at the moon and there's you look up at the sky and all you see. Is The sky glowing because of the stupid moon? But the pick your crimes better. Yeah, exactly picnic only yeah, only look at space for two weeks when the Moon is below the horizon the times when it's not raining here on the west coast which face it. That's all the time. Yeah Yeah. Pick your times better. So let's look at the blue so. The the

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