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Include long term jail sentences. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel says he's sorry, Jim Rupe says Kimmel's apologizing for a blackface skit he did on TV. What the hell going on as Jimmy Kimmel on the Man Show on TV in the late nineties, doing his impersonation of former MBA star car Malone, something he's been doing since his radio dayz. On TV, He was made up to look like Malone, which included darkening his skin. Kimmel issues an apology, saying it's being used as a weapon against him Now. Still, he says he wanted to explain, and authorities are investigating after an L, A police officer found a surprise in his Starbucks Cup fill, Hewlett explains. The cop says he was about halfway through his drink of the Diamond Bar Coffee shop last Friday when he found a tampon in his cup. He was off duty at the time but reportedly paid using his police union debit card sheriff's deputies were hoping surveillance video will show them who did it. Bill Hewlett K ABC News, The Dow closed up 130 points today, NASA closed up 75

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