Malawi to go to polls again, after first election nullified


They Connie is struggling it's actually shrinking in Malawi food shortages and hunger had been serious challenges before the corona virus cover nineteen only major challenges in southern Africa harder so when Malawians go to the polls this week to elect a new president all of this will be on their minds the world's only make a Condi has our story for millions of Malawians planning to vote for president tomorrow there's a sense of deja vu that's because the country just had a presidential election last year in may the incumbent president Peter Mutharika narrowly won with thirty eight percent of the vote he's been in office since two thousand fourteen international election monitors said it was a free fair and democratic contest but many Malawians didn't feel that way demonstrators across the country Hughes president of stealing the election the runner up opposition candidate Lazarus Chakwera did too so he took the issue to court to dollar packaging was too late is the president of the women lawyers association of Malawi she said the law is constitutional court noted several irregularities in the first election they are very good at it he's running strong the use of different parishes may require internal errors with the use of two banks was the right thing the two picks that she's referring to here was a white correctional fluid used on ballots apparently electoral officers used it to correct the so called voting errors this was only one issue that led to allow this court to take an unprecedented step in February they nullified the results of last year's election record even stays late ninety five elections because they leave plus the regular entities that affected the will of the people not brings us to Tuesday's vote once again the incumbent president with the recount is running against Lazarus to Cora a former pastor Bonnie faster Lani is a political scientist at the university of Malawi he says most Malawians are happy to have the chance to vote again they call me certainly it is very bad right state tourney recently published a poll finding that eighty five percent of Malawians feel their country's headed in the wrong direction under president with the Rica check where a is running on a message of change he says he wants to turn the country around improve the lives of poor people and fight corruption check where spoke about his platform during the weapon are on Friday so we have come up with an approach that says let the farmers out there get out of abject poverty to quit Aurora is promising to help farmers and create new jobs and despite the pandemic his campaign has attracted big crowds of supporters on the other side president Vikas campaign efforts have been relatively quiet another recent poll predicted check where I could beat with every guy in this election that sounds good to G. M. T. ECA she's a party vendor and the capital of the long way whose business has been hurting badly antica says she hopes this election it will be a turning point for Malawi I think tomorrow the government is changing in but I would I would be very happy for that if not doesn't happen Bonnie foster Lani says he worries that Chakwera supporters might say the election was rigged again and even if he does win Duong he says turning around the economy won't be easy that's not to forget the coronavirus the electoral commission has said it will put out hand washing stations and enforce social distancing at polling places the election results for the presidential vote and allow we are expected later this week

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