Rope found hanging in Wallace's garage was coincidence


NASCAR stood by its decision to alert federal authorities to a rope that resembled a noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage Donatella just superspeedway even after the investigation determined it had been there since at least last October U. S. attorney J. telnet FBI special agent in charge Johnny sharp junior said investigation determined nobody could have known Mr Wallace will be assigned to that same stall NASCAR said it was the lone garage tall with a pull down rope that resembled a noose Wallace is the only black driver at NASCAR's top level and has become a leading activist in the sport during a push for racial equality sell ten what your what your thoughts on this I mean obviously so yes said that it wasn't what it was but they thought it was what no error we all jump to the conclusion that it was purposeful put there somebody put their not to be at the stupid coincidence yeah and I guess we're just hypersensitive right now we are kind of stuff no doubt and the yeah but what I'm going to wear and then we're all glad it's it's not what we thought it was kind of neat to see all the drivers get out there and and rally around this Mister Wallace and say Hey No racism for NASCAR event of that was pretty cool well that was a good outcome I think for us well that ends well thank goodness it wasn't but you know even purposeful acted we were extremely it was somebody makes a not a loose knot that would how they don't have to do that I've never learned how to do that Boy Scouts I could do a double half hitch a square knot but it is not I didn't know I don't think it even had a news not I think it was a slide circling rope that was used to pull down the gate agent okay we're assuming it was yeah

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