Ep. 541 - The Scientist Has No Clothes - burst 03


Plus deaths now. Two weeks ago the president said we have sixty thousand deaths period now. His administration is reportedly privately projecting. They're going to be nine eleven like death tolls on a daily basis by early June. And yet they WANNA push reopening a look. No one has accused this president of being fact focused or even read in on any of this. But you don't need him to mislead you in fact don't put this on trump. We are deceiving ourselves. No your deceiving us you Chris. Cuomo specifically not even just CNN. You don't need Donald Trump to deceive you. 'cause I Chris Cuomo will deceive you. Do you remember what was a week ago? Two Ago Chris. Cuomo pretended for a month to be isolated and quarantined in his basement of his house because he was diagnosed with Corona virus and then they filmed this big segment on CNN. Where Chris was walking up the stairs for the first time and he sees his wife and his kids he said. Oh this is what I've been waiting for. I've just been waiting for this to see my beloved family for the first time in a month and then it turns out. He had been violating the

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