Just like in a monologue when he would blow a joke and it would get a laugh


One one of of course course okay okay now try to get spring time okay springtime when it's springtime when spring well oh man so there you go Pancho yeah it's really funny you know anytime Johnny had animals on and the segment turned out to be a wash out it was always hilarious because of Johnny just like in a monologue when he would blow a joke and it would get a laugh it was almost funnier than if it was a good joke and it got a laugh so god that's funny wonder what ponchos doing today now he said he could believe he could live to be seventy or eighty in the in the clip he said enough lived to be seventy right now I'm just like that guy probably dead center that was thirty is thirty nine years ago well I hope we can still be around probably you know just play in the clubs yeah on the kilometer gaze touring yeah Pancho the signal well now he's doing virtual tours yeah he's he's in his state of recording the rituals in its cage according virtual sorrow for the internet oh boy all right poncho all right every every morning at two thirty with a morning at two thirty you get to hear some lovely comedy from the classic Johnny Carson again Johnny Carson Assad's showed every night on antenna TV must see television right there okay we're back to Samoa slang terms that don't get used as much anymore how about can you dig it Cyrus user from the warriors a car near older grant don't worry nobody's asking you to grab a shovel and dig a hole digging something means that you understand what's being said I get the I get the last piece of pizza can you dig it the lady I always thought this one was ridiculous it may sound like a pet name for your grandma but old ladies actually term of endearment for your girlfriend or wife example now I can't hit the clubs tonight my old lady is waiting for me at home how is it a term of endearment that sound like a term of endearment nana particularly yeah I know the old ladies waiting for me at home why just color ball and chain the old ball and chain all right freak flag people still use this one don't say what like let your freak flag yeah hi yeah I guess so that's a that's a phrase when Jimi Hendrix declared the song in the song if six was nine yeah he was gonna wave going to wave my freak flag high read a whole new way of announcing that you're the weirdest one in the room example it's great to get wild tonight I'm gonna let my freak flag fly all right how bout dah how about

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