US coronavirus: Trump says taskforce to continue


Explain Dr Thomas Frieden the former head of the centers for disease control and prevention during the Obama administration is scheduled to appear before a subcommittee of the house Appropriations Committee this morning he is not the panel's original choice that would have been Dr Anthony Fauci of the administration's coronavirus task force the trump administration is refusing to offer up any of its experts to house Democrats claiming the witnesses would not get a fair shake instead found you will appear before a Republican controlled Senate hearing next week don't break off CBS news the president is now walking back a prior decision to do away with the White House coronavirus task force ABC's Jordyn Phelps with the update trump now says the White House coronavirus taskforce will continue indefinitely after facing backlash for a decision to disband the group in the coming weeks the president adding on Twitter that people may be added or subtracted to the group but that it will continue its work with a focus on vaccines and therapeutics the president had previously defended the decision to do away with the group of top public health experts because he says the country is moving into a new phase in the fight against the virus with a focus on safely re

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