Volkanovski takes on Holloway in championship fight


Jose, although who was a longtime featherweight champion before losing economy, Gregor He will be fighting somebody. Camera written in yon for the Bacon family title, which is Henry Kudos. I have been in the coming events. Featherweight champion out there, hoping he's going to put it both on the line against Max Holloway, the former featherweight champion, who he beat to win the belt. So this is an immediate rematch because Holloway You know, enduring and long range champion, and that's always exciting fighters as well. You know, there's a famous fight where he points to the mat, you know, with 15 seconds left in the fight, and they just stood in the middle of the cage exchange blows. Very dynamic, exciting fighter. So it's Jose, although as well so there's just a lot of great fighters on the car fight on the card and three title fights. Normally, your money doesn't go this far when it comes to us the gold Hi, I'm the show goes till

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