The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Hey to everybody. This is your old friend Dr. Grant and I just wanted to let you know that you are about to hear a classic voicemail episode of the Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd. Now one thing you've got to keep in mind is that the voicemail number mentioned in the show is no longer operational, so please do not call it other than that. Enjoy the show, golly Dr Floyd. It sure is hot out today, isn't it? It sure is Dr Grant you know. It's hot enough to fry at eight on the sidewalk. Yeah, sure. Sure. You who would do that? I'm not sure really well. Look I a popsicle. Thanks, but wait a minute. That's just a stick in a cup. Yeah, well, it started melting right away so I put in a cup, and then it was just so hot, that evaporated completely so here you go into great story. Thanks well, just stick all right well. Don't get a splinter, okay? Hey, you know we've had some more people. Call Eight, one, eight, three, three, two, three, zero, five three and leave us voicemails. You WanNA. Hear one. Too hard to do anything else you know it's hotter than a billy goat in pepper pech. You got that right? Okay, here's the first message. Hey, Dr Floyd I'm just wondering why you have. It posted an actual episode in a while I mean it's been like a lot of days like twenty five I, think that's almost a month and on my podcast things and Make sure to post one every single week on Saturday? You used to do that on Sunday but You've kind of laid off a little, so if you could please get back into the rhythm. That would be great. Thanks I well. One of the reasons we're not recording is because it's just so Dadgum Hut. Yeah, every time we try to record, the hard drive just melts right away. Yeah, it's hotter than two cats fighting in a wool suck sure is Har-. I here's the next voicemail. I am inviting you to my birthday. It's August eighth, two, thousand six. I'm Allegra and I'll be five year olds. And I'll be five year old. And I'll. Be Fix so having nice time at the party up on my grandma. It's ten Spring Street. That was very nice. Allegra invited you a birthday party I know, but it's just too hot to go to a birthday party. It's harder than steel. Playground slighted high noon. Well, that's true, but is that going to be your excuse for everything well? She also didn't know how old she was going to be five or six. What's thank God do with anything well. We won't know a birthday card to buy four well. I guess you're right all right. Here's the next message. Sorry, I managed. I made a mistake. I'm going to actually be. Go Dr Floyd She's going to be six. We can by rick hard for a six year old. Do Son. It's even hard to go to the store. You know it's hotter than a two dollar pistol on the fourth of July. Do you have like a whole list of these or something? No. All Right? Here's the next voicemail so numerous for Nicole. He synnex. You're not oh. Then you. Might Illuminate. Our now. Monarchy. Our Oh goody. We WanNA praise here. Let me press one. Now like well I don't know I. Guess we just wait for the price well I. Hope it generic conditioner because it's so Dadgum hut. It's hotter than high noon in Death Valley. Yeah all right. Here's the next message. I just wanted to find out since Dr Steve is a robot who built him and why? Also wanted to find out why Dr. Grant has speed large head. Thank you. Oh, snap your look. He's right. You do have a large Ed. Floyd, no, you have never seen anything so magnificent before in my whole life. Well, it's not really no grande. Can you hear me your ears you? Say to your head there. Can you hear me over there? Floyd I. Don't Understand Wyoming Oh. Would you manage? Did you bother you the challenge dog about your head might. Ono It, no. Big You know you shouldn't. You shouldn't make fun of somebody shouldn't make fun of someone's head. No, it's not especially on a hot day like this two hun- to make fun of someone's head. I see we're here. Why don't you just move over and block their selling with your freakishly large heads so I have some shade? Produce, an next voicemail, big head, boy all right. Yes, Hi, DR, Floyd! This is Ed and Jacqueline. Who is my wife? We're from Beaverton Oregon and we listened to your show on a regular basis. We think that building a third time machine could be very hazardous to your health. Just wanted to let you know that have a Nice Day golly Dr Floyd, that sounded like a threat. Yeah, what's Kinda scary, but don't worry. We'll be safe. We will. Why well if he comes over here I'll just hide behind your freakishly big head. Being head. Oh well. Here's the next voicemail. Hello, this is Marcus. SACRIMENTO. On the learn day, president, learning gate, past and learning days future episodes. They. told us, how Dr Floyd Ted was so small, he created just a shrinking machine. Talked Floyd might be able to go back. and. Do that to. Have such small had. I've wondering why he doesn't do that once he gets to. Think back That's all. Well now that's a fantastic idea, but I'm just worn out from dancing around singing songs about Dr Grants freakishly big head, and I'll show which. Way Too hot?

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