Introducing: 'Business of HYPE Episode with Asa Akira'

Asian, Not Asian


Four hours it can take a really long I mean there's no union so. Yeah. That's rare. Most productions are like you're in makeup for an hour and a half. You. Do photos you do at. T's like most about eight hour. Okay, so average US income forty four thousand dollars. Okay, so it's more than that. It's more than yeah, but it's like. Is A cash basis. No, okay, it's everything's. Okay, but at the it's a lot of money, but also it costs a lot of money to do. What's your? What's your expense God? Like hair nails and it sounds wrong, but you're expected to do these things or else. You won't get hired because your own hair now but also the constant upkeep of your body right totally like talks, even I mean it sounds dumb, but it's these things matter. You know you have to like out and keep your body Katie fall apart and then yeah, then so everything costs tanning. Oh testing! We get tested every two weeks. Pay For that ourselves a hundred and fifty bucks and it's mandatory. It's mandatory. It's not legally mandatory, but it's no one's going to work with you. You're not tested. So it's it costs a lot of money. And you know at the end of the day. You're an independent contractor, so you're paying for everything. So, are you? Is Your literally ten ninety nine by Emery company? You work for your ten a disaster from? The attorney that I mean the accounted must be like. So it's attorney, I mean a counting attorney fees or crazy to like accounting fees are crazy, and then if you produce your own stuff, it's even crazier because then. You're also paying people. So that's a whole other thing. Like I'm in LLC Link Okay LLC. But. It's just. You're also in like a high enough tax bracket. Where like you're getting taxed a lot and it's right in that middle ground where it's all worth. Yeah so it's like really like you're not making enough money for it to be worth it, so you would advise only if you truly love the work if you would do it for like a normal paying job, and then do it sure and also know that it's going to ruin your life, but look know your. Friends and family will find out absolutely, and even in this sort of like twenty, eighteen, twenty, nine thousand nine world. It's still not. Cool and kosher to do that now we're still. Do you think we'll ever get there? I would like to think so. But also like I kind of like that. It's so taboo. That's part of what drew me in, and that's part of the business of porn hub. Born and stuff like it's taboo. nece became wonder bread. Used their cachet totally totally and there'd be something really gross and disgusting that supersedes. Yeah Right. Right right and we'd be into that.

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