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My favourite tennis match


We'RE GOING TO BE KICKING OFF. A new series and looking at some of a favor owed time tennis. Matches will also be catchy on the tennis news as well a little bit catch on with the virtual Madrid Open. That's just happened Andy. Bari Packard a virtual school as well as the news. The tennis is actually starting up again in some parts of the world in Germany. But before we get into that Kim how you doing. How is how is lockdown? Treating much the same as last week H. O. By fairly fast actually despite the lack of store which is really weird. I think I've kind of just go used to it now but having said that I did cheat in worship Madrid. I didn't won't should awful. I have to say it was. Radi my cup of tea just kind of saying it on a playstation today. What is g thing? Yeah it was a bit of kind of a completely new scenario new situation and I think it's kind of recognizes that living in these times they can open up new opportunities and of course you know this is one of them in the tennis world and I thought it was kind of really interesting to say I think in terms of what I liked. I absolutely loved the place. Be BUYING INTO IT. And procreating like the war codes Up there that the herbs to the controller I really loved that I'd like pretending to warm up thumbs and I really liked the way that kind of the players go invested in it and we're kind of really enthusiastic about getting creative and and kind of showing it off on on social media See I think that was kind of one of the things I I really liked. I saw I think it was Belinda. Bench really went. Allow it like a tennis gear. As I said could walk up the stairs a yeah just thought it was great to see getting really enthusiastic about it. 'cause we've not seen them on a TV. We're not seeing the you know what she pilots. Whatever as fans over the last few months it's just almost kind of great great to see them again really. Yeah I thought that was. That was good like the best saying the players saying the engage with the wall. I thought bench probably owned that one. I just like the little bits in the corner. We can just see their faces as they're playing. You just want to see their homes in the pack right to see what what. They've gone like their bookshelves or like. I just find it really interesting is like through the Keyhole. But he the past and that is really hyping. The stands framed in the background. Well potentially coming up in this focus on his lovely shorts but no yeah I. I didn't really like actually watching this. Nsa Watch just liked having the players kind of interacting having a bit of a laugh so that was nice to see the thing. This format would. I didn't think I'd want to see this every week. I think it would get a bit repetitive. After a while but I think it was a good kind of one off thing and obviously Andy Murray one that we should give him credit for that because he's now won the tournament on three different surfaces. If you can cool the virtual sphere surface adolphus. The Andy has donated his prize. Money half is going to the NHS and half is Gordon to the players Relief Fund. So it's obviously for Good Kohl's and Kiki burdens won the women's event as well and I think she was actually due to defend. Muhtar to say she has succeeded into that are mixed in our love. I love that idea. She's she's the non virtual virtual back to back very innovative. Double D for a champion. But yeah I think yes kind of great to see I guess. Play his Getting involved I think one of the things that I think they could have done. Better way of is the had this common tree over the top of the of the players. Now I I was kind of the point where I think it's more insightful. And more interesting if you just let the play is very commentary because Y- They are tennis players that professionals at the end of the day you'll be ready. I think what bringing up level is kind of almost kind of getting them to kind of talk about the tactics or you know that sort of that sort of level that sort of layer that. Yeah well my sick on a Royal Corps And it's like if I was doing this show in real life. I would choose to go here because of X. Y. And Said Yeah. It could be more of an educational thing as well I think what I did. I cheat and they lost connection because I was watching on light-years addicts correct show. It was just having to could LE- sort of chats while they were waiting for everything to ten on again. Did you see the I think Diego Schwarzer was best. Play at Deborrah. The savvy FIDO's but due to a weak WIFI CONNECTION. Debry a sorry. Schwartzman had to concede walkway. So I mean I love that idea. The like I think that's going to be one of the VAD. The walkover reasons happens to the best of our good today that like even top tennis players have poor Wi fi and all safely on. La has had a bit of a Jake because he said that Rafa could play because he'd like injured his back reaching for his game controller. Which and everyone believes here. I think I mean I think we believed him as well. As we've always believed tweeted about be cowed they gig for Geria- saw and I thought this this off to the best of the fortunately that was not the case. Rafeh was able to play. But we'll just very gullible but yeah if they're going to do this again like I think it could cost you on. But just every now and again maybe they do in other Walden on like Wimbledon. I different surfaces. I assume this playstation game has all the different surfaces they do girl scout one. Couldn't they maybe federal workup? That yeah that I think it could work. I think it could coexist when the tools get back up and running. I wonder if it's a sort of you know in the in the grounds of the events and you have fans can go line up for like an autograph from players and I wonder whether you could be like. There's a stand somewhere grandson for example. Oh face off against some. I player playing tennis against them. Virtually Sake I could see that happening. I know there are a few comments. The game was almost up to like up to scratch And you know whether it's the improvements to be made with with the game and you know I think I think potentially peop- governing bodies like the ATP liked the W. H. E. A. Maybe they should be looking at partnering with Game's about to really kind of Mak- licensed game like fever. Because I think you know I think this is as you said. This is very new is almost kind of this was a test and you know. I think there is appetite for it but I think there's almost kind of a lot can be done on that so a product side of it. Yeah for sure. I'm sure that's an avenue. They could possibly see going for. It's an yeah I like the idea that you could maybe have a bit of a play on it while you are an event. Perhaps if during a rain delay or something and even on Joe we actually have some real tennis. That's happened this weekend in Germany. It's kind of the first actual players of setback on cool so they've done a little exhibition featuring Dustin Brown and seven other players including randomly the British benign. Yon Shouldn't ski. Who I think is based in Germany. Anyway so yeah. That's been happening this weekend. We'll see JEB. So you fall head of other countries. Getting back to normalcy. So they've been out to do this. Little event Neko blends at the Base Tennis Academy. It's GonNa oversee how necessary health and safety measures in place. So they've obviously not touching hands at the net. They're going to touch rockets instead. There's no ballboys fans line judges. They're obviously doing it. Very watered down version is not for any points or or anything. It's not count I guess. Prize money's involved. So it's I guess aimed at lower ranked players to to kind of keep them earning something during this time and I think it's only for players based within about ninety minutes of the event so it's overseas a very limited

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