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These 5 Tips Will Increase Your CTR



To another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about five tips that will increase your C. T. R. That is your click through rate. In this case we are talking about. Click the rate from I think we're talking about overall right organically and paid correct. Yes mainly organic funny enough yet. You have a lot of data on this because Click flow. But yeah we're mainly talking about organic click throughs. I've done a lot of tests on this funding using your software. You have a lot of data because you just have so many users. So why don't you go first Let's crank through five tips. That will help. People get results litter down less than thirty days. I'll make mine stupidly simple. So when you're looking at a Google search result page a lot of people whenever they're writing content. Let's say the New Year hits this year in Twenty Twenty Years Twenty Twenty. One people often forget to change the date. Now when you change a date under title from Two Thousand Nineteen Twenty twenty or just changes to the right year. Your click the rate. Actually chumps fifty to one hundred fifty percent. That's across the board based on data that we've seen with click flow so changed. It's another thing that works. Really well as vocal curiosity or allow matchy backup one more step so one thing. We didn't cover at the beginning of this podcast. Episode is the reason you want higher. Click the races. Let's say you go to Google. Do a search and a thousand other people do the same. Search that you did. If everyone clicks on the secondly instead of the first listing it tells Google the second one's more relevant and it pushes them up in the rankings over time so in theory you want more people to Click on your titan other words. You WANNA appeal them. You know him by appealing to them. And getting more clicks. It will help you rank higher than your competition over time. The air gave the first tip of adding the year at the end of your title tag. The second from me is evoked curiosity. Good example of this is like the seven benefits of green tea. Number six will shock. You put number six shock you in parentheses so doing little things like that. What we found is people like wait. What's number six? The click through Lonzo skimmed the six one and if they like it though backup read the rest of the post and then you know finish it all off but the point. I'm trying to make is voting curiosity. It is a great way to get people to click through. Yeah I think I'll give bonus tip to that one. I think it's really important for people to understand copywriting. I think Neil night we can agree. Some of the smartest people we know. The best entrepreneurs are exceptional copywriters and copywriting a part of it is persuasion and understanding what drives people understanding what people are interested in the more. You can improve at that the better so I recommend reading two books. One is called breakthrough advertising. And you can actually buy a real copy of that now. I think you pay like one hundred twenty five bucks. You combine the letters an look if you're crafty. I'm sure you can find. Pdf's for both of them. It's not that hard to find the. Pdf's leave it at that and then number three for me would be thinking about how you can do on surp- Seo's mean exactly so surp- is search engine result page and what's going on right now is. Google is occupying more and more of the clicks. Meaning that if you live on a search result page over. Fifty percent of people will not click through to your website. So what you can do is whether you're let's say you rank zero so you had the rich snippet with. Let's say you have like how to tie tie. You have like you know. Fourteen tips right there and people can see it right on the search result page. What you should be doing there is you'd be thinking about okay. How can that brand my website in there or in one of those fourteen tips? How can I entice them to click through site? Because if they don't click there. I'm losing that traffic. I can't retarget those people I can't collect the email I do a lot of different things right. So you've got to do everything in your power to not only add value but somehow brand yourself a little bit. So you're doing as much as you can to defend against Google. Taking more. And more of those clicks off number four. One thing that you can end up doing that. We're not seeing a lot of people do is using Faq Schema markup you start using Faq scheme markup on your site right and efficacy Skua Markup funny enough draws more attention to your surp- result if you're number one a lot of times you see less. Click throughs but if you're lower on the page you'll start seeing a boost in placements. You wouldn't get as many from what we've seen if you didn't have it but by having it you draw more attention in a muzy rankings up so if you're number one you do at UC less clicks but if you're lower on the page at it you'll go higher up and you'll start getting mark Lex Yup and then the final thing. I'll say this is a little more related to. Let's say you're doing facebook or Google ads. You WanNa be thinking about okay. How often are you gonna change things up so what I mean by that? So facebook for example. If you keep showing the same ad over and over and over ad fatigue is gonNA kick in very quickly. So you got to think about how you can when you're making new ads. Maybe make a whole batch of like five ten or fifteen of them and just constantly rotate them on. Maybe every two weeks every three weeks or making new batches because that's going to constantly keep your click the rate up if you're not keeping things fresh similar to how you would with. Seo and you're not aligning with the times changing the messaging and understanding what people what then ultimately you click. The rate's GonNa drop and then what's going to happen especially during paid. Your costs are going to increase because click the rate goes hired in Walden. Cpa's also higher as well right

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