The Dark Knight Trilogy (Nolan #4)



Welcome to film spotting so Josh. We've arrived at the stage of our Nolan who've review where we've actually reviewed the films on the show previously the first three films in the series following Memento and insomnia all predate film spotting this week. We're revisiting Nolan's dark knight trilogy. Two thousand five's Batman begins which started. It was one of the first films reviewed on the show. Way Back in two thousand five. That movie came out in June. The show began in March of. Oh five unfortunately. Our Review on episode eighteen of the show has been archived in the basement of Wayne Industry headquarters along with all the other films. Spotting PROTOTYPES COW. Can't hear me out among the disappointed listeners. Who went to search for that review? Just today thinking I'd be able to hear Sam. I thought it would be good preparation you know like to do. My homework. Couldn't find it so we'll have to unearth that at some point. Yeah I'll have to give you a tutorial on searching the archive film spotting website. Because it's there but you can bet. I did not seek it out interest in listening to the archive that I found only went back to. I forget what show but it wasn't this one so yeah I'll have to get to to`real but with that review lost a time. I guess the best thing we can do for now is move on to version two point. Oh world like to disappear. Barron staff was not for the parents to serve. Justice cannot let pass. If you yourself and you become something else. Dialing our Christopher Nolan overview stays on chronological track at least for the moment with two thousand five's Batman Begins Adam. This is Nolan's big-budget high profile. Follow up to insomnia which itself was a medium budgeted studio. Follow up to his indie breakout. Memento what did I expect from Batman begins in two thousand? Five Nolan was already on my radar as a special talent superhero movies. Were something I enjoyed but aside from Tim Burton's Batman Installments and Sam Raimi's Spiderman Efforts Spiderman. Too by the way came out in two thousand and four I felt Comic Book Films. Usually fell into a fairly predictable box. The question for Batman begins then was whether or not the John. Laura would bend to Nolan's promise or Nolan would bend to the genre in two thousand five to my mind. Nolan's will one out even next to Burton and Raimi's Work Nolan's take on the superhero film stood out as distinct. It was dark. It was intense and above all it was rooted in a real world. Specificity that was recognizable while building his costume. I love that Bruce Wayne Orders some ten thousand bat ears that turn out to be unusable. This Bruce Wayne and even Batman could exist just like us he had to do Amazon returns. That first impression of Batman begins makes me think that I watched it through the Lens of a Superhero Movie. Perhaps with tempered expectations this time. Though in the midst of our review I was decidedly watching it through the Lens of a Christopher Nolan movie and from that perspective keeping in mind masterful later efforts like the prestige which was Nolan's next film the Dark Knight which doubles down on much of what made Batman begins so throwing inception and dunkirk. That begins played as far more conventional. It has Nolan touches to be clear deception traumatized characters narrative twist but they each seemed a bit better towards the genre this time around something of a compromise. If in understandable one given where Nolan was in his career ultimately I think my original impression is probably the correct one and we can maybe get into a tangent here atom on whether or not a films original context matters. Most I think that's especially applicable. Maybe to dark knight rises but either. Way Adam. I'm curious what frame of mind you're in while revisiting Batman begins for our Nolan overview. Did you approach it as a superhero movie which in twenty twenty means contending with the reality of the MC you or did you assess it more? On a Nolan scale you know from interstellar on the bottom to the top where you'll find dunkirk. How dare you? I love how you unnerve me heading into my reply here and maybe that's appropriate because even though you answered it. I see what you're trying to do I'm onto you. You're actually previewing are pending discussion of the Dark Knight by presenting me with a joker like Dilemma Harvey. Rachel press the button and kill the other passengers. Risk them killing me Nolan movie or Superhero Movie. Your just an agent of chaos. Josh always knew what do I look like a guy with plan on one hand? I wasn't looking at this film. This trilogy of films as a Nolan creation consciously and I am it would be happening unconsciously of course just by the nature of this little project that we have set out on at the same time. I was eager to see this origin story again because just like I suppose bruce being forever scarred by his encounter with the bats I'm gonNA forever be blessed with the memory of my first superhero movie. Richard Donner's Superman. It's been talked about a little bit over the years here on the show and among its many thrills it shows us who Clark is how we got Earth those early discoveries of his gifts running alongside the train kicking that football. This first demonstrations of his abilities and helping people as Superman. That's the stuff I ate up. Then that's the stuff. I still eat up now. The Fun stuff. I guess that equate with Superhero movies. That is lost the darker. You alluded to this the darker. The more realistic the more serious. These movies get honestly the more these films feel less like Superman and more like James Bond. And that's definitely the case in this trilogy. I think this is where we really see. It happen right. Where Superhero Movies did turn into? Something else became something else in pop culture. We watched it unfold over the course of these. Three movies didn't we? I think that's fair. I think you could roll in watchmen there but that was two thousand nine so this was ahead of that.

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