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We need to take action against Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Running concluded this man fit to be president was far saying us. Dereliction of duty. Your shift Adam. His responsibilities. Commander in chief, is to protect our troops on I I share the concern at the White House today that I think many of us have, which is, um, there may be a reluctance. To brief the president on things he doesn't want to hear. See boyfriends back Russia Ho! We got something on him this time. Like I said, I hope this is not true. Let's assume that it is true for just a second let it has assume that Russia's offered a bounty to Taliban to kill American soldiers. All these Democrats are saying we need to take action against Russian President Vladimir Putin. I fully support that. But what action should we take? Because the Democrats didn't go as far saying that because why they're clever. Clever enough not to pin themselves down by saying that we should attack Russians that we should sanction them. As we've sanctioned Russia. I don't know how many times in the last 12 years a lot. As a stopped Russia note is to stop the regression note would stop him from doing something. That's NOPE.

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