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F. Our people have news time. 7 41 3 Aurora, Colorado Police officers are under investigation for taking inappropriate photos. At the memorial of Elijah King on a black man who died in police custody last year. In a statement Monday, Aurora's interim police chief said the department has investigated a report that multiple police officers were depicted in photographs near the site where Maclaine died. Sources tell CBS News those officers were imitating the chokehold. McLane was placed in just days before his death and that the photos were shared with other Aurora police officers. The police Department says it will release evidence of its investigation into the inappropriate photos, including pictures, and the officers identities very soon. Laura Podesta, CBS News City crews in Seattle, removing makeshift barriers around the cities occupied protesters on the following two fatal shootings. There. The workers use heavy equipment in the area east of downtown never shorted, however, drag couches and other things you replace the structures that have been removed. Processes of occupied several blocks around the park in Seattle police districts these precincts for about two weeks, a

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