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You wait. Neil Young guy. You like Neil Young? I like Malia. Sure do yourself great


Said Trump campaign cannot use their music am I said it as cap set it, So it is said so it shall be done. By the way, money understand? Ask Abby and Maya's still charging in clubs who cannot let anybody in music, please nice guys and give me a song that best describes the Biden campaign. Gimme a song that best describes the Trump campaign when he got from the one that donated to a 31 on 1.5 Tina Eyes in Beverly on New Jersey 101.5 Dina. You doing? Good. How are you? Oh, going great. What do you think? For 12 I would say I am the tiger for Joe Biden. I would have to say tears are falling by kiss. Tears are falling. How'd you come up with that? I don't know my Hey, good to be rock and roll all night. That's for sure. Because bite can stay up all night. Fall asleep, right? And I had a tiger for trump, huh? Yes. All right. Thank you Still got it. You think he's gonna win? You think he's still got it? I think he's gonna win. Yes, I got your peanut things We call in New Jersey One on 1.5. Mike is in brick on New Jersey. One on 1.5. Mike, you don't deny going. How are you? And not to bed. I think the best Selves trump I think the best self for Trump is keep on rocking in the free world and stay put Biden, then medicine, bad medicine. Maybe what he's getting his rise so comatose and doesn't talk very much. That's my I like that. Now is. Did you see the Laurel Canyon thing on Epix? No, I did not You wait. Neil Young guy. You like Neil Young? I like Malia. Sure do yourself great Gohan Ethics and watch Laurel Canyon. It's all about like from this mid sixties still like the early seventies. And all the bands that came out of this little section outside Los Angeles, Neil Young Buffalo, Springfield, Crosby, Stills and Nash. All these musicians just got together and hung out and they end up performing all of these different bands. It's an amazing story. You'll love it. You absolutely loaded God, man, thanks for the call of the New Jersey one on 1.5 I had a full board and then mark called, which is a great thing. And now I can get you in if you call right now. So 100 to 83101.5. How do you feel about this presidential campaign? Do you believe I get there? If it happened tomorrow, Who do you think would win? And if you had to come up with a campaign song, there's always this time a year when the artist don't want the campaign songs being used, you know they, Bruce had a problem with born in the USA. And he doesn't know he's more Democrats was with Republicans used in this song. Why the Stones would care. I don't know. But then again, they get press right. They get themselves out there. And the The cool thing to do is to hate Donald Trump. If you're in the entertainment world, it's better. You ate Donald Trump, then, like Donald Trump, So they jumped on.

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