Does the Constitution Matter Any More? | 6/30/20 - burst 30


Have the ordered Amazon products? From their apple iphone Japanese. People in all. These companies Bezos should be the richest man in the world he's. He should be that that that company and what they do, and and how convenient they are and what they bring us. The benefits are endless with that company. I he should be rewarded for that innovation like twenty one years ago, when Dean came and came up with a segue. We didn't know what it was at first all the hype surrounding this big announcement. Was He going to announce? It's GonNa absolutely changed the way cities built. It's going to. It's going to reorganize our civilization. An absolute dud nothing burger that became skeptical then. In in the two thousands Amazon, which actually already existed, but they were just basically an online bookstore at the time. Amazon did change the way we live, and so did Apple Apple and Amazon actually did those things they? They changed

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