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#1272, Collagen, Black Lives Matter With DeWone Bennett - burst 11


So as long as we recognized that a lot of times that you see in History even what we seen with the civil rights movement in is once you lift up, elevate the freedoms of black people. Then other minority groups are directly affected as well. You see freedoms with women you see freed with other people have colleagues. She freezes with people in Lt Tq community, so if you recognize that. We're seeing that black people whereas bottom totem pole as far as it sensibility and people who care if you raise up the bottom on the floor by making sure that by having the equality. You're making sure everyone else's better as well so I think that we have to be sure to recognize. This is not just a movement. It's a civil rights. Movement is for people to feel the right and there to be quality. Now I couldn't agree more, and you know it's a trickle down from the top. Absolutely absolutely is in any business any country. It is the attitude of the leaders that leave the country many many times or at least infiltrated. So White Americans. Say they want to help, but they really don't know what to do or say because they are white. So, what advice can you give to them out there

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