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Chris Robbins and Yasmeen Khan.


So wait talked about council members speaking today about their fight to restore social services, especially because so many communities have been devastated by covert 19 and then the subsequent economic fallout. Here's City Council speaker Court Johnson Heart wrenching impossible decisions needed to be made on this budget. In this council was determined that we would protect and preserve as many vital programs and safety net services as we could for vulnerable New Yorkers. So Chris did the council accomplish what? What the speaker laid out there, saving some programs the mayor was planning to cut. Yeah, And, you know, I think that is a blank spot here for them. If they can, they can point to social programs and say, Look, we we saved the things in that in a time of crisis. What's interesting is that you know the name of the lame duck mare. He is going to going to do what he's going to do call Johnson seen by a lot of people as a front runner in the mayoral race in a future Meryl race, so he had to really balance a lot of concerns from

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