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Six physical, distancing all those things


The contact Tracing is one important piece of this. But after everyone where the cost facial coverings, six physical, distancing all those things that are going to really slow this down and get it to a manageable Dallas County health director Dr Philip Wang, he says the rise in cases is worrying any shows the Corona virus pandemic its very present. In the general public, despite calls for a temporary closure of the General Motors plant in Arlington is staying open. The U A W locals to 76 is Bargaining Committee has asked GM to shut down the plant and made a sharp increase in Kobe, 19 cases throughout North Texas. In a statement. GM says that there are no forthcoming changes to production plans at the plant since safety protocols there are still working man dies after broke into a home in Arlington this morning at about seven o'clock. He had a gun entered the home and the homeowner shot him. He ran out. The front door collapsed in the front yard. He died short time later at Mansfield, Methodists town. This was a ex boyfriend. New boyfriend kind of situation domestic related, where both parties had some type of romantic relationship with a woman. That's Lieutenant Christopher Cook from the Arlington P D. Tarrant County, D. A s office is going to decide if we'll file any charges. Mississippi woman is behind bars and Fort worth accused of human trafficking, according to jail records. 20 year old Madison. Murphy was arrested last Wednesday on charges of trafficking a person under 18 and compelling prostitution by force or threat.

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