Tollways. Not awful for you


For you now be got trouble in Indiana south on 65 Heavy Ridge Road to 61st. After nearly a stall next traffic aboard 5 48 NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 FM WCVB evacuee weather shower thunderstorm, But Sudbury is deceiving later tonight partly cloudy Warm and humid alos 72 mixes sun and clouds tomorrow. Hot, humid with the thunderstorm, but spots, especially the anti new nine Year 90 closer to 80 at the lakefront lakefront temperature, now 79. Midway 87 over here, 88 Vernon Hills. It's 81 of AKI Whatever meteorologist Barson on Chicago's Weather Station News Radio, 7 80 Add one or 5.9 FM TVM NEWS time. 5 40 ST Louis couple attorneys guarding their home against

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