#EERS S9 Ep113: Do This Thing I Want Or Else - burst 10


Vice president of this came through the Supreme Court has struck down the Louisiana Abortion Law a pretty fracture decision, but the chief justice sided with the left on this decision. Is the Lucienne abortion. Law required that doctors have admitting privileges at a local hospital nearby. If they were going to perform abortions, it was championed by pro-lifers. the Supreme Court five four decision struck down the chief justice actually disagreed with the logic of the majority agreed with their decision so it was just as Briar announced the judgment of the court delivered opinion in. In which Ginsburg Sotomayor Kagan joined Roberts filed an opinion concurring in the judgment Thomas filed a dissenting Opinion Alito filed dissenting opinion that gorsuch joined in which Thomas joined, and Kavanagh joined part of it. Gorsuch in capital also filed their own dissenting opinion so essentially this is chief justice John Roberts again tried to be Solomon. He doesn't WanNa give any winds to donald trump. So you have the lead this. This is the way this abortion case broke down continues, and I gotta read the decision. Let let's be clear here. I need to read them, but this continues. It appears to show that John Roberts's done Donald Trump. that the conservative revolution conservative legal revolution will be on hold until Donald. Trump has gone that John Roberts is not going to give. Conservatives wins on their core issues. As long as Donald Trump is White House? He refused to join the reasoning. Of the liberal majority, but gave them their win this is John Roberts, declaring the conservative legal revolution on hold until Donald Trump has gone. we will find out by reading the dissents who actually

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