Patriots sign QB Cam Newton to replace Tom Brady


Cam noon has found a new home with none other than the New England patriots. While, this was a place that many people had suggested and thought about after his I think it was yeah. You least obviously after release. There was no. We figured if it was going to happen, it would have happened already, but I guess the pages take time. Do they do diligence? Make sure in fact that he was healthy 'cause he looks I mean some the work. Suppose he looks healthy, but you don't really now When Negga said there was no rush. It was like all right. He's a free agent. There's someone else assign. They can but if not, then we'll just be able to wait it out and I guess after once you saw how the dominoes kind of played out and says he didn't go to. The grisly inaugurnat the grizzlies while. That the chargers, the ninety plan the same town, so like that weird was say with with the chargers since he didn't sign there. was like honestly, where else was he? Never said that he wouldn't be better than some of the starting quarterbacks that are currently with their teams, but is when you look around and see. At look at the potential starting spot. That would be available this season. Every really want that many out there after again after his release, Efi begin the preseason beginning all season. MIROSLAVA different but. Time he got released. It was like there was only so many places he could go in. New England was one of them, though is one of those things where it was like you were just. Confused just because if you thought that he was gonNA, they were GonNa do it. You thought they would have done it already. But again took their time and he's still got the deal done. If. That was the guy that they wanted so. Cam noon again as I said reached a one year incentive, laden deal with new pages lead sources told ESPN ESPN Chris Mortensen Adam Schefter. Be Mixed with Jarret Stidham Brian Hoyer. To Rabih the I. Don't think necessarily be the heir-apparent only one year. So who knows you can be their past the season? But. Potentially these bridge the gap to the air pair. Of Tom Brady with with new, England.

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