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Competition out on the back nine at the Detroit Golf Club. Bubba and Harold Verner took on Wesley, Brian and Jason Day and I mean, those guys were chirping. From the first through the ninth green, and it was really cool just to listen to, you know, just like anyone else means you well, for those of us that like to play golf conversations you have on the on the course and the colorful conversation. We heard that today, and it was a great day. I mean, it was help kick off are changing the course initiative here is part of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. And we've raised already a $1,000,000 today for changing the course in our efforts to help and Digital divide. So it's going to be great week here at the Detroit Golf Club, for sure in case I know there's a way that our listeners can participate in the and this is well if they want to support what rocket is doing with the changing the course initiative. How do we do that? Yeah, Thanks for asking. It's really simple. You can just text area 313 on the number is 243725 So that's you know, texting on area 313 to the number two for 3725 It's really simple. We've seen, you know, as we as we announced it earlier this week, and you know, I know the replay is happening right now on the golf Channel of the name. Submission and we're watching the nation's role in We're fortunate guy. Workday donate $250,000 We've been matching it. Bubba

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